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  • charles misulia
    Hi John, I was wondering what paper the reference to the Confederate dead came from [paper/date/etc]. I am interested in using this in some of my work.
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      Hi John,

      I was wondering what paper the reference to the
      Confederate dead came from [paper/date/etc]. I am
      interested in using this in some of my work. Thanks,
      Charles Misulia

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      > 1. Re: Clapps Factory Cemetery
      > From: John Mallory Land
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      > Date: Mon, 05 Jan 2004 15:29:39 -0600
      > From: John Mallory Land <retrofit@...>
      > Subject: Re: Clapps Factory Cemetery
      > Louis,
      > I must apologize for not getting a response to you
      > sooner. I have
      > updated the following, which I had put in my draft
      > folder, but failed to
      > complete and send:
      > First of all, I want to thank you and your group for
      > your expressing an
      > interest and willingness to participate in the
      > rescue of the Clapp's
      > Factory Cemetery. That such a sacred site has been
      > allowed to
      > deteriorate is an unfortunate plight, and its
      > restoration is long
      > overdue. I will try here to answer the questions
      > you posed in your
      > original message.
      > I personally made several visits to Columbus during
      > 2003, in part to
      > research the history of the Clapp's Factory mill,
      > settlement and
      > cemetery, in hopes of learning more about its
      > location, size and so
      > forth. After an extensive review of the deed
      > record, I could find no
      > details - or even mention - of the cemetery in
      > descriptions of the
      > Clapp's Factory property. I was also unable to
      > locate any plat map that
      > shows the location or dimensions of the cemetery.
      > Over the years, the
      > burial ground has been mentioned in several articles
      > in the local
      > newspaper (and in Atlanta), but the details are
      > sparse. A map published
      > in 1928 shows the location of the cemetery, but is
      > not very useful in
      > determining size or dimensions. At that time, the
      > area was still
      > outside the city limits in an area called Upwoods
      > Park.
      > In March of last year, our group held a Clean-Up Day
      > and, with the help
      > of personnel from Georgia Power, we removed some
      > rubbish and cleared
      > dense vegetation from a considerable section of the
      > main area of the
      > cemetery. On that occasion, a team of
      > archaeologists conducted a
      > preliminary survey of the site and generated an
      > analytical report. They
      > estimate that there are probably between 400 and 500
      > (or more) graves in
      > the vicinity, but will have to do a more thorough
      > formal survey before
      > they can accurately detail the number and specific
      > location of graves.
      > They recommended that we not clear any more trees
      > until a formal survey
      > can be carried out, which ideally needs to be
      > conducted in the winter.
      > The clearing of vines is still in order. At this
      > time, the group does
      > not have the funds to pay for the formal survey.
      > The formal survey will be one step in the overall
      > scheme of our Master
      > Plan, a guide which is still in the planning stages.
      > Other possible
      > goals include erecting a fence to protect the site
      > and any improvements
      > made; obtaining a deed to the property so that our
      > group controls it and
      > is responsible for its maintenance (these two depend
      > in a land survey,
      > which in turn depends on the formal archaeological
      > survey - the extent
      > of the cemetery will derive from how far out graves
      > are detected on each
      > side); placing a historical marker commemorating the
      > cemetery, and
      > perhaps a monument in memory of those buried there;
      > and other
      > improvements, such as gravel paths, benches and so
      > forth. These and
      > other possible actions are still a matter of
      > discussion within our
      > group, and we welcome input from the community.
      > Determining the proper boundaries of the cemetery is
      > dependent on the
      > formal survey. It is likely that parts of the
      > cemetery (for instance,
      > beyond the dirt road on the south) have been removed
      > by natural erosion
      > or actions of Georgia Power in the past, but we
      > cannot say for sure.
      > Georgia Power is now being cooperative and
      > supportive of our efforts.
      > We will probably never know who is buried where
      > (with the exception of
      > the J. F. CAIN grave, and perhaps the John LEWIS
      > grave), short of DNA
      > testing, were such analysis found to be possible and
      > feasible. We now
      > have a list of about fifty names of persons known or
      > suspected to be
      > buried in the cemetery. Further archaeological
      > survey may turn up
      > markers that are now buried in the topsoil, and
      > other clues, such as
      > bricks lining burial plots or lots and such, may
      > also help. It is
      > important that nothing of this nature in the
      > cemetery be disturbed until
      > expert analysis can be conducted. We know from
      > various reports that a
      > number of permanent markers were either destroyed by
      > vandals or natural
      > deterioration (or perhaps washed away when the river
      > swelled), and that
      > many graves had only temporary markers or were never
      > marked at all.
      > The number and location of Confederate graves is
      > indeterminate. A
      > newspaper article reports approximately 20
      > Confederate graves, laid out
      > in a row or rows, all marked at one time, the ages
      > of many of the young
      > men being only 18 or 19. They are said to have
      > fallen in the defense of
      > the area during the capture of Girard and Columbus
      > in Aprl, 1865. There
      > is also another known soldier, Robert PAGE, who died
      > in 1862 on Skidaway
      > Island near Savannah. His body was returned to
      > Clapp's Factory, where
      > his family lived, and buried in the cemetery. A
      > photograph of his
      > marker accompanied a 1928 article in the Columbus
      > newspaper. He was the
      > brother of my great-grandmother, Permelia A. (PAGE)
      > NEWSOME. Another
      > report mentions a number of Union graves in the
      > vicinity, but only in
      > very vague terms.
      > During 2003, we incorporated in Georgia as a
      > not-for-profit corporation
      > under the name Clapp's Factory Cemetery Preservation
      > League. I have
      > committed to creating a proposed draft of a Master
      > Plan and also to
      > generating a quarterly newsletter about the cemetery
      > and our project,
      > but frankly I have fallen down on the job. Other
      > obligations have left
      > me with less free time for such matters, and
      > consequently our efforts
      > are at a standstill for the moment. However, we
      > hope to make more
      > progress this year.
      > If you are interested in further background on
      > Clapp's Factory, I will
      > be glad to send you some material. Again, we
      > greatly appreciate your
      > willingness to contribute to the project, but our
      > plans are in something
      > of a limbo for the time being.
      > John Mallory Land
      > McKinney, TX
      > retrofit@...
      > Kemis Massey wrote:
      > > Okay, how do I answer his question about the
      > scheduling?
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