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Re: [ClappCemetery] Fw: Clapp's Factory Cemetery

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  • Ggbryan821@aol.com
    Kemis, this is wonderful!! I don t know when I ll be able to work actively on this project again. As you know, Earl was in the hospital in July and was very
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 25, 2003
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      Kemis, this is wonderful!! I don't know when I'll be able to work actively
      on this project again. As you know, Earl was in the hospital in July and was
      very ill. He came home after a week, but got weaker and weaker and was back in
      the hospital two weeks ago for over a week. The doctors have told both him
      and me that he is a very sick man (not that they had to tell me - it was
      obvious). He won't get better according to the doctors, but will get weaker and
      weaker. It doesn't look good for him at all. He has congestive heart failure,
      chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, and has brain damage possibly
      caused from strokes and/or the aging process which has affected his ability
      to reason, to think and to use his lower extremities.
      Whatever the group decides will be fine with me and I will support it as I
      Keep us in your prayers.

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      sobby@... writes:
      Hello. A group of men from our camp went to the cemetery today. It was a
      pleasant day to be in the outdoors. We found the marker of JF Cain by the trail
      and have a general idea of the dimensions. We are looking forward to working
      with your group on this project. Can we meet this month for a planning

      Meanwhile, there are some questions that we could not answer from our
      inspection tour. Can you give us some guidance on the following:

      1. Is there a survey or other document that specifies the boundaries of the
      cemetery? What about the location of graves; is there a good source to
      research this?

      2. While we want to support this project generally for the good of the
      community, the fact that motivates us is the idea that there are graves of veterans
      on site. Do you know what documentation there is about the number, identity,
      and location of soldier's graves?

      3. What is the arrangement with Georgia Power? Do they own or lease the
      land? What kind of permission is necessary before continuing physical

      Our next camp meeting is Dec 4. If we could meet before then, it would be
      possible to inform our members about a schedule of work and make the necessary
      preparations for equipment and manpower

      Thank you for the opportunity to work on this special project.

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