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Fw: [ClappCemetery] ABNEY family at Clapp's Factory, Muscogee Co, GA

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  • Kemis Massey
    June, The following is what we have identified at this point in time as the Abney info. Also if you went to this cemetery expecting to see what is a normal
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 28, 2003

      The following is what we have identified at this point in time as the Abney info.

      Also if you went to this cemetery expecting to see what is a normal cemetery, you would be disappointed. It's a jungle. The markers are gone. The place has and still is being used as a dump. We are attempting to get it cleaned up in hopes we can identify the graves.


      Subject: [ClappCemetery] ABNEY family at Clapp's Factory, Muscogee Co, GA

      Hello. I am seeking information on some of my ABNEY kin. My gg-gf Henry
      M. NEWSOM (1836 - 1899) was m1. 1855 in Muscogee Co, GA to Mary Ellen
      ABNEY. Ellen died in 1863, apparently of complications from childbirth.
      None of their five children together is known to have survived to
      adulthood. I have Bible records on this family I will be glad to share.

      I suspect that Ellen and some or all of her children are buried at the
      Clapp's Factory Cemetery in (now Columbus) Muscogee Co, GA. Several of
      Henry's siblings and some other kin are known to be buried there. I am
      working with a volunteer group hoping to restore and maintain the
      cemetery, and as part of that effort I am researching the families who
      are buried there. Records of interments at the cemetery are scarce, as
      these were working-class folk. The Clapp's Factory was established in
      1834 and operated until the mid-1880's. A village grew up around the
      mill, and the cemetery was in use by 1856. Although the families
      gradually scattered after the mill closure, burials continued until at
      least 1904. In the intervening years, the improvements to the cemetery
      were vandalized and the area became an illegal dumping ground on the
      bank of the Chattahoochee River. The Georgia Power Company now owns the
      land where the cemetery is situated, as Oliver Dam was built
      approximately at the site of the old factory. We have a list of
      thirty-some-odd names of persons known or suspected to be buried at the
      cemetery, which according to one source encompassed five acres. We
      believe there are many more persons buried there than we have discovered
      so far.

      I have seen that Absolom P. ABNEY and family were in Chambers Co, AL, in
      1850, and he died 07 SEP 1855 - I presume in Chambers. I read that his
      son-in-law John DAVIDSON was instrumental in getting the family moved
      back to GA and settled in Muscogee Co. I do not have 1860 census records
      for them, but know that the households of Rosanna and John ABNEY, John
      DAVIDSON, and Robert STATHAM are indexed on p. 359, as well as Nancy
      STATHAM (Robert's mother) on p. 361 and my Henry NEWSOM on p. 362. These
      pages are part of the Clapp's Factory community. Since Elvina, daughter
      of Absolom P. & Rosannah (HALL) ABNEY, died 13 JUL 1858, and her twin
      Elvira m. 19 JUL 1858 in Muscogee Co. to Robert Jasper STATHAM, I would
      guess she is buried at the Clapp's Factory Cemetery. Does anyone know
      more precisely when the family moved, or where Elvina is buried?

      Also, I suspect that Absolom & Rosannah's youngest child, Nancy Jane
      ABNEY who d. 11 APR 1863 is buried at Clapp's Factory. I have seen that
      Rosannah d. 18 MAR 1900 (or 1901) in Phenix City, Russell Co, AL. This
      makes her a very good candidate to have been buried at Clapp's Factory
      as well. Has anyone seen reference as to where she is buried? I have in
      my record that John & Martha Elizabeth (ABNEY) DAVIDSON and John W. &
      Hester (UNKNOWN) ABNEY were in Marshall Co, AL, by 1880. That year, the
      widowed Rosannah ABNEY heads a household in Brownville, Lee Co, AL, p.
      229A, which includes her daughter Cynthia WALL, granddaugther Ellen
      WALL, and Martha COOPER (kin to son-in-law Benjamin Eli COOPER, I take
      it). Two doors away are daughter Frances COOPER and her son Monroe.
      These folk worked for a cotton mill. As far as I have been able to
      ascertain, these workers were crossing the bridge and working at Clapp's
      Factory on the Georgia side of the river. Many of the families present
      in Brownville in 1870 and 1880 had had ties to Clapp's Factory
      previously and the Columbus Manufacturing Company, which operated the
      mill at that time, owned 800 acres, 170 of which were on the AL side of
      the Chattahoochee. There is a good chance these people in Brownville
      were living in company tenements. Even though it was in AL, this beat
      was served by the Columbus, GA, post office, and I suspect these
      families were receiving their mail through a department at Clapp's Factory.

      I am interested in finding out more about the descendants of Absolom and
      Rosannah, particularly as regards dates and places of death and burial.
      By process of elimination of those known to be buried elsewhere or died
      out of the area, we can narrow down who is likely to be buried at
      Clapp's Factory and look for documentation of it. I will be glad to
      provide what records I have on the ABNEYS and related families,
      including NEWSOME, STATHAM, DAVDISON, etc. Any help will be greatly

      A group of us will be meeting for the first time in Columbus and
      visiting the Clapp's Factory Cemetery at 1 pm on Sunday, February 9th.
      All are welcome to join us - please contact me for more information.
      Thanks in advance for your help,

      John Mallory Land
      205 N. College St.
      McKinney, TX 75069-3823
      (214) 544-0770 or (214) 352-7828

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