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Clapp Cemetery

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  • cantatora
    Hello again. it s been a long while. After receiving the latest messages from the group, I went back out to the cemetery. Someone s been clearing a few spots
    Message 1 of 10 , Nov 12, 2010
      Hello again. it's been a long while.

      After receiving the latest messages from the group, I went back out to the cemetery. Someone's been clearing a few spots and uncovering some bricks. Glad to know that some people still care about what's out there.

      On this past Thursday (Nov 11, 2010) I brought some flagging tape with me to help mark what's been found so far; though I think I missed a few that I found on Wednesday.

      I hope to be there Saturday the 13th.

      (now for the fun stuff, for which my wife is still upset about)
      The mainland side and the island side of the small bridge that connected the two have been found. I've known about the mainland side for quite a while now but a few months ago I got smart and brought a pair of binoculars with me and spotted the bridge pylons on the island side. (Of course I forgot one of my GPS cables with me and didn't get the coordinates) For those interested in seeing these pylons (3 pair on the mainland side and 1 pair on the island side) check Google Maps and go to coordinates 32.511547,-84.996734. Also if you're crazy enough to do it on the North Bypass, just as you start crossing over the river, look towards your right and slightly back and you should be able to see the pylons. The river is low right now so you can see all three pairs. For those not that crazy, hopefully we can take a tour and check it out for ourselves. I know how to get to it but giving directions to it isn't as easy. It's a short walk from the cemetery so if you walked there, the bridge isn't much further. There may be mud and a little water but not enough to be troublesome.
      The island side of the bridge is packed dirt. you can actually feel the firmness underfoot but still a lot of trees. You can get to the island by boat from Bibb City or walk to it from the Fifth Ave Extension over in Phenix City across the street from the Jack Hughston Hospital. I found nothing of interest on the island other than an old corrugated pipe used for under road drainage (which lead me in the direction of the bridge) and a fairly flat plateau close to the middle of the island.
      Also, part of the iron bridge structures are still in place on both sides.

      Yesterday was the first time I found a brass marker that had a "#3 1+65" on it. I known about the "#1 0+95" and the "#2 {broken}" markers but when I found number three I knew they were survey markers. The #2 should have a "1+30" on it and I wrote that on the orange flagging tape.

      Hope to see ya'll tomorrow,

      Winston Pike
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