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RE: clapp cemetery

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  • Kemis Massey
    When we set the date, we ll let you know. We haven t received the markers and really don t know when they ll be in. I m copying the group on this as this is
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2009
      When we set the date, we'll let you know. We haven't received the markers
      and really don't know when they'll be in.

      I'm copying the group on this as this is exciting.


      From: Jckdan77@... [mailto:Jckdan77@...]

      A.P. Watley and Elizabeth Watley I can arrange a Confederate color guard for
      the dedication of the civil war markers

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      Thanks for the email. I've copied the president of our organization, John
      Mallory Land. What is the name of your ancestor who is buried at the
      cemetery? We have ordered CSA markers for the civil war soldiers we have
      documentation to prove their service. We are planning a dedication at a
      later date.

      This is a link to the history and other info.


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      Subject: clapp cemetery

      Hi My name is Mike Watley. I have a couple of relatives buried at the
      cemetery. I am interested in helping my ancestor that fought in the civil
      war. I have some connections with the civil war reenactors community.My aunt
      Pearl Watley Mitchell told me about the organization . Please email me back
      with more info. Thanks Mike Watley

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