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Re: [ClappCemetery] Dedication Ceremony postponed

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    John, hope you continue to improve. Paul Diffley ... From: newsompage To:
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      John, hope you continue to improve. Paul Diffley

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      Hello, Everyone,

      I must apologize for having been out of touch recently and for the
      lack of information regarding the upcoming dedication ceremony for
      the Confederate markers. I have not been well the last few months,
      but have been prescribed some medication and am on the mend. This is
      by no means a life-threatening malady, but has been somewhat
      debilitating for me, and I'm very sorry that it has hampered plans
      and progress for the project.

      Because of delays with arrangements, the ceremony has been postponed
      until the autumn - I regret any inconvenience this development may
      cause anyone. Within the next three weeks, we will set definite
      dates and agenda for the ceremony (and for the All-NEWSOME Reunion,
      which will be held in tandem). I expect that these will occur in
      October; more specifics will be posted as soon as they are set.

      I expect that, in the mean time, we will meet for another Clean-Up
      Day, probably in late April or in May. We will also be firming that
      up and will announce more details as soon as we have them.

      I also have a few updates on the Clapp's Factory research to post,
      which I probably will not get to until after Feb. 15. These include
      the death notice for Ann WALK's aunt, Mattie Belle FAULK (we had the
      wrong death date for her, and she did not drown in the river, but is
      definitely buried at Clapp's Factory, according to the notice). I
      have a couple of other updates to the burial list, and I spoke with a
      man named Norman Cobb who lived near the cemetery as a boy and
      related some of his recollections to me.

      I hope everyone is doing well, and I will post again as I am able.

      Thanks to all for your continued support -


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