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991Refuse in the cemetery

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  • retrofit@flash.net
    May 1 8:55 AM
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      The following is my record of refuse that we have removed from or discovered in the cemetery area. Can anyone remember anything I've left off?...

      Refrigerator; washing machine; stove; at least 15 television sets; bed frame; several sets of bed springs, some disintegrating; car hood; car bumper; several hubcaps, motor oil containers; engine filters; tires; roofing shingles; household tile, contaminated with asbestos; scrap lumber with hardware; brick-and-mortar chunks and scraps; cinder blocks and fragments; cement slag; beer, liquor and soft drink glass and plastic bottles, cans and cups; fast food litter and other food containers; Styrofoam cups and scraps; plastic bags; cigarette lighters, packages and butts; syringes, crack pipes and other illicit items; and clothing and blankets.

      We have discovered evidence of homeless encampment in the cemetery more than once, as well as of camp fires.

      In the large junk pile that was finally taken away in 2006, there were railroad ties, sections of utility poles and other large timbers; steel drums; scrap metal; and household garbage that had been dumped.



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