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972Cemetery Clean-up Day in May

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  • newsompage
    Apr 3, 2008

      I have had to change the dates for my next visit to Columbus.

      I will be flying into Atlanta on the afternoon of Thursday, May 8 and
      driving to Columbus. We will be holding our Clean-up Day at the
      cemetery on Saturday, May 10 - the main goal will be to remove as
      many of the piles of roofing shingles as we can, as well as police
      for litter and such.

      We will also hold a membership meeting of the CFCPL. We will review
      our progress on the Master Plan and discuss the status of current
      projects with respect to the cemetery rescue effort. All are
      encouraged to attend. The time and specific location of the meeting
      will be announced next week.

      If you think you will be able to participate in the Clean-up on
      Saturday, please let us know (there will be tasks that are not labor-
      intensive, such as manning the information table or coordinating

      Also, if you wish to attend the membership meeting, please specify
      whether Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon would be better for you -
      note that Sunday is Mother's Day.

      I will be flying back from Atlanta early on the morning of Monday,
      May 12.

      Thanks to all of you for your continued support and encouragement -

      John in TX
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