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809Last-minute trip to GA

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    Nov 1, 2006

      I'm having problems with my outgoing email. Yesterday, I sent out a
      message to the group from home, but it did not post.

      My dad's sister passed away early Tuesday morning. I caught a flight
      this afternoon and am sending this message from Laura & Michael
      Osburn's house in Phenix City (thanks for putting me up, by the
      way!). There are a memorial service and graveside service tomorrow,
      and I had hoped to meet any of you locals who are interested and
      available for dinner tomorrow (Thursday) night at Cracker Barrel on
      Bradley Park Drive. I plan to be there about 6 pm. Would anyone
      like to meet?

      I have my cell phone with me, in case anyone would like to call:

      I will be leaving Columbus early Firday morning to drive back to
      Dallas. I rented a vehicle because a cousin is giving me a couple of
      pieces of furniture that have been passed down within the family.

      I will also be visiting the Clapp's Factory Cemetery while I'm here,
      of course. By the way, Christine Neal (the former Christine Van
      Voorhies) has agreed to be our guess speaker for the February meeting
      of CFCPL. We will be finalizing details soon so we can begin
      spreading the word - hope to have plenty of folks in attendance. We
      will be meeting on the afternoon of Saturday, Feb. 17, so y'all plan
      to come!