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654Heirs of Timothy Greene McCRARY - vicinity of Clapp's Factory?

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  • newsompage
    Dec 7, 2005
      A copy of the original deed, which I have abstracted below, was
      among papers provided by Ailene (Mrs. Murray W.) CRAIG to Mrs. Mary
      L. SANDS (both of Columbus, GA) in 1988:

      Deed: State of Georgia, Muscogee County, 18 JAN 1884. C. R.
      McCRARY, C. S. McCRARY, C. G. DAVIDSON, W. G. McCRARY, Alice?
      McCRARY, Sarah L. McCRARY, all of Muscogee Co, GA, Fletcher D.
      CUMMINS of Harris County, Lucy O. McCRARY of State of Alabama, C. R.
      McCRARY as Guardian, B. F. McCRARY of Ala. and J. J.? McCRARY of
      Texas (all heirs at law or legatees of T. G. McCRARY, late of
      Muscogee Co, GA) of the one part and A. G. McCRARY of Muscogee Co,
      GA, of the other part: Party of the first part conveys to party of
      the second part all their interest in that tract or parcel of land
      lying in the 8th District of Muscogee County in said State, known
      in plan of said District by No. 202 containing two hundred and six
      (206) acres more or less, with a reserve of 9 acres in northwest
      corner of said lot to run south 2 acres deep and east 4 and a half
      acres deep, also 3 acres and 6 and a half rods attached to said lot
      202 a part of lot No. 227 in 8th District Muscogee County, bounded
      as follows: beginning at a lightwood stob on the line between lots,
      thence west on line dividing lot No 227 from lot No. 202, seventy
      four rods to a chestnut stob, thence to east of south 12 rods and 12
      and a half feet to a lightwood stob, the line to run between the two
      last named stobs so as no part to be below high water mark, thence
      to north of east a direct line to the beginning, 70 rods. Signed:
      C. S. McCRARY, C. R. McCRARY, T. J. CUMMINGS, W. G. McCRARY, B. F.
      McCRARY, C. G. DAVIDSON, C. S. McCRARY, Lucy O. McCRARY, Sarah L

      Witnessed by: A. O. BLACKMAR, notary public, as agent to C. S.
      Public, Muscogee Co, GA. [extreme bottom of document cut off in this

      Fletcher Davis McCRARY m. 28 OCT 1879 in Harris Co, GA, to Thomas
      Jefferson CUMMINGS.

      I would like to know the identity of C. G. DAVIDSON above.

      Also, I am interested to know if the household listed as "S. G.
      McCRARY" in line 18 page 300A of the 1840 federal census of Muscogee
      Co, GA, is actually Timothy G. McCRARY. This household was in the
      vicinity of Clapp's Factory. The household of my gggg-grandfather
      Alexander MACKEY is listed in line 29. On p. 303A, M. M. McCRARY
      (line 26) and G. L. McCRARY (line 27) appear. Two doors away is
      William POOL and four doors away is Moses LAND - these are my
      kinsmen. On the preceding page (302), appear Laban C. POOL, M. H.
      POOL, and Mathew ROGERS. On 22 DEC 1835, M. H. POOL attested before
      Laban C. POOL, Justice of the Peace for Muscogee Co., that he and W.
      W. POOL had witnessed a deed conveying lot No. 201 (on the waters of
      Standing Boy Creek, bounding BISHOP among others) in Muscogee from
      Eli STROUD to Timothy G. McCRARY. I have a photocopy of this deed
      and can more fully abstract if anyone cares to have it.

      Hope this is of some help -

      John in Frisco, TX