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  • Kemis Massey
    Jul 19, 2005
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      This is from another list. . .

      Hi, all,

      I apologize if you received this message as part of another group. I'd like to suggest something to the group. I have this group's surname in my ancestry. There is something called the Sorenson Molecular Geneology Foundation. They use DNA info to help identify ancestry. There are a couple of things that makes this Geneological DNA database unique: 1) they use all of the DNA information, not just Y-chromosone or maternal mitochondrial DNA, 2) therefore, they need every one to send in their DNA, not just men, 3) It's FREE, they'll send you a free kit and will analyze it for free. However, you won't get any info back from them. Anyone can search their database for free by using their genetic markers, but you'll need to find out your genetic markers from some other company. To request a free kit go to: http://smgf.org/request_a_free_kit.html

      >From their website:
      "The non-profit Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation (SMGF) is building the world's largest database of correlated genetic and genealogical data. Our database uses sophisticated DNA analysis to link individuals together, while maintaining strict confidentiality of participants' information.

      The SMGF database pursues the following objectives:

      Build the public database by collecting DNA samples and corresponding genealogies from throughout the world
      Make the information useful to genealogists by allowing public access to the database while maintaining the privacy of contributors
      Help people get past “brick walls” within their genealogies by providing information about specific ancestors to whom they are biologically related
      Create analysis tools to enable genetics to be used in new ways for genealogical research

      DNA samples with associated four-generation pedigree charts have already been collected from over 50,000 volunteers by SMGF. Up to 170 genetic markers (specific regions of DNA) are analyzed for each individual. The corresponding pedigree chart is also extended as far as genealogical databases allow; extended pedigrees currently include over one million ancestral records.

      The database will be released in stages. When each portion is ready for public release, free access will be available through the SMGF Website. The first database release, comprising paternal-line (Y chromosome) genetic data and corresponding genealogies, includes data for more than 12,000 individuals and hundreds of thousands of ancestors.

      SMGF also continually conducts research into new methods of using DNA analysis for genealogical research. A significant focus of our research is to identify and trace ancestral origins, with genetic identity defined by factors of demographic separation as well as by time period.

      We are also researching ways to use the inheritance models of various types of genetic data to trace different genealogical lines. We are experimenting with new genetic clustering algorithms, the statistical reconstruction of ancestral trees, the inference of ancestral genetic signatures, and the inference of surname based on paternal-line DNA."

      Please tell everyone you know.

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