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  • Michael and Laura
    Jan 24, 2005
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      Thank you so much for the update...we hate to hear that it is not
      doing good.....are you planing on having a group meet out there
      again or are you waiting till a later time? Me and my husband both
      work during the week, but maybe we could do something on a weekend
      to help out.....I believe that this coming weekend we are going to
      go out there and have a look around.....all of the cemeteries that
      we use to look over are pretty much cleaned up except for a
      few...like one out in the country, that has a dirt road running
      right next to it, not even a foot away from one grave and we are
      still not sure to this day how many grave are out there...we can
      only see 3 of them.

      michael and laura
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