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586The Columbus Manufacturing Company's agricultural land in Muscogee County

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  • newsompage
    Oct 2 1:21 AM
      I have recently transcibed a list of farmers in Muscogee County, GA,
      in 1884 (from the city directory of Columbus, GA). The list actually
      appears to be a list of owners of agricultural land in the county,
      probably based on the tax rolls.

      Included on this list is the Columbus Manufacturing Company with 630
      acres, valued at $12,600, served by the Columbus Post Office.
      Although there are several partnerships included on the list, this
      appears to be the only corporation. Inclusion on the list suggests
      that the land was primarily designated for agricultural use (although
      not entirely, as this acreage evidently included the Clapp's Factory
      village and the mill site itself). The Columbus Manufacturing Company
      likely either rented the land out for cultivation or employed
      individuals to farm it. Perhaps cotton was grown on it that was then
      processed into cloth and thread in the mill. Farmers who appear near
      Clapp's Factory on the census records, 1840-80, and are renting their
      farmsteads may have been renting from the Columbus Factory (prior to
      the War) and/or the Columbus Manufacturing Company (following it).

      This illuminates another possible facet of the enterprise that
      generated revenue for the Clapp's Factory's owners and made up a
      segment of the Clapp's Factory community.