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563Re: [ClappCemetery] Directions

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  • Kemis Massey
    Mar 28, 2004
      Go to the beginning of the Riverwalk at Oliver. Approximately 7 light poles - just around the corner past the benches on the left, you will see a path to the right. Take the path, the area you will be walking towards is the cemetery. There are only 2 grave stones. Stay on the path you took to the right, about 75 - 100 yards on the left of the path is the grave of J. R. Cain. The other stone (grave) that has been identified is actually in 3 separate locations. Where it should be is about 50- 75 yards at 2 o'clock if you are standing on the path facing the grave of J.R. Cain. The locate the other parts of that grave stone, you must turn away from the grave of J. R. Cain those pieces at approximately 11(25) and 1 (50) o'clock down the hill.

      If you keep following that path it will take you to where you can see Oliver Dam. Follow the path on around it will lead you back out. All of the area on the inside of the paths, is all that is left of the cemetery. There are indentions through out that area where graves are. If you decide to explore, please be careful. We were able to cut back some of the growth last year, but with many living so far away it's hard to get alot done. Suggestions and help always welcome.


      From: pedalpumper69 Can somoeone give me directions to the cemetery? I didn't know there
      was a cemetery in such and unusal loaction and I love history about

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