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254Get together in Columbus - in two parts.

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  • skipperhe@juno.com
    Jan 3, 2003
      Part 1. John, I have complemented you many times. PLEASE, I am dying
      to know who you are "away out thar' inTexas" and being so interested in
      our situation in Columbus Georgia. You have meant so much to all of us !
      And your ability to dig 'stuff' up is truly amazing. (I am really
      amazed anytime I can just get on line!) Surely you have a teeny, little
      bio worked up. If not, you need to have one. I think everyone reading
      this would really enjoy reading your bio. I have a feeling you are a very
      modest person or with a rap sheet ten miles long. I don't think the
      latter applies of course. But I really don't care which one is correct;
      if either are correct. I haven't met hardly anyone in my 74 years
      (including Kemis) who has had the impact you have had or who has been as
      helpful as you have been to those of us who believe in and want to love
      and learn of our heritage. (After that preceding sentence, I hope you
      aren't an English college professor). Please be someone common to my

      Part 2. Part 2A. (January). I need to be in Atlanta on a Saturday;
      January 11th. And up front, I want badly to meet Kemis....so I assume I
      need to be in Columbus on Sunday, January 12th or Saturday 19th.or
      Sunday 20th. (since she is still is the work force supporting my fine
      life style). Therefore John, is there any chance you can make to
      Columbus between those dates ? If not.....

      Part 2. Part 2B. (February). In lieu of January (11th), I can be in
      Atlanta on Saturday February 8th. This works out to be some time between
      February 5th and 11th. Please tell me you can make it sometime between
      those dates.

      Part 2. Part 2C. Please provide the dates you can be in Columbus.

      Special Note to All Members of the Group: The above applies to all of
      you...sincerely. Can you make any of the above dates ? Please advise to
      the Group.

      Harold E. Skipper 941-795-2652.