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121Narrow Guage Road & Clapp's Post Office?

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  • John Mallory Land
    Nov 1, 2002
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      Does anyone know where in Muscogee Co. Narrow Guage Road is or was (as
      pertains to the following)?

      <<...Although it was incorporated as the 'Columbus Manufacturing
      Company' in 1866, this mill, as well as the previous one, was always
      known as Clapp's Factory. A railroad station nearby on the Narrow Guage
      Road was also called 'Clapp's.' >>

      I'm thinking this post office must have directly served the Clapp's
      Factory community and would have been in or near the village.

      Does anyone have access to any old maps of the county that might show
      the location of Narrow Guage Road, Clapp's Post Office, and/or Clapp's
      Factory? I haven't found any historical maps online that show enough
      detail of Muscogee Co. for locating these features. Thanks,

      John in TX
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