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1144RE: [ClappCemetery] Georgia Archives

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  • Kemis Massey
    Oct 19, 2012
      The original post came for the County Coordinators (CC) for GAGen. I
      forwarded to every list that I am list admin for. Then through my personal
      email - home and work. Then I went to Facebook included groups that I
      belong to. Channel 9 News here had a segment about it. Seems several
      stations throughout GA did also. One CC also has lists in FL. She sent the
      message to her FL people. Next thing the message went throughout the US.
      People were calling, emailing and writing about the closing. At one point
      the phones were over loaded. One of the saving factors is there is a GA
      state law that makes it illegal not to have a state Archives. That's why
      they had to work with University of GA.

      IMHO - most people don't realize how many people are very passionate about
      researching their ancestors or any info as how to research.


      On Behalf Of PAUL DIFFLEY

      Great news. That would have been a real blow to public access to government

      Thanks, Paul Diffley

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