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  • Kemis Massey
    Feb 15, 2012
      from another list. . kemis

      This post was made on another state list regarding the SSDI and has links
      for more information if you are interested.


      Press Release -- please distribute widely as appropriate.

      The Records Preservation and Access Committee has created a Call to
      Action Kit to support the Stop ID Theft NOW initiative.

      Access the kit at http://www.fgs.org/rpac/sddi-call-to-action-kit/.

      If you have questions concerning the Social Security Death Index and its
      possible loss as a resource for the genealogical community, please check all
      the resources available in the kit including:

      - Educational videos and FAQ sheets.
      - Information on the Stop Identity Theft NOW! petition via the We The People
      - Form letters that you can use to contact Congress and let them know you do
      not support removal of the Social Security Death Index.
      - And ways to spread the word to other members of the genealogical

      Thomas MacEntee
      Chair, Marketing & Public Relations
      +1 (773) 661-3080