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1092Newspaper Artical And Obituary of Alfred Paskel Watley's Death 1845-1902

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  • jlorendorff
    Mar 20, 2011
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      [Macon Weekly Telegram newspaper, Wednesday, 07 MAY 1902.]

      Columbus, GA. - May 6┬ľA. P. WATLEY, aged 56 [?] years, a well known white well-digger, met a horrible death on North Highlands this morning. He was digging a well and when thirty-five feet under ground the sand above him caved in, killing him instantly. F[iftee?]n feet of dirt fell upon him and it took several hours to recover his body. WATLEY was an experienced well-digger. He was warned of his danger, as there had already been a slight cave-in, the soil being sandy, but he said he had been in lighter places before, and with that went to the bottom of the well again and resumed his digging. He leaves a wife and seven children."

      "Buried at Clapp's Factory"

      "The funeral of Mr. A. P. WATLEY, who met such a tragic death on Tuesday by a well caving in on him, took place from his late residence on North Highlands yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock, conducted by Rev. E. D. PHILLIPS, assisted by Rev. J. W. HOWARD. The interment was in the family burying grounds at Clapp's factory [north of Columbus in Muscogee County, Georgia]."

      [Columbus (GA) Daily Enquirer, Thursday, 08 MAY 1902.]