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  • valchau2001
    Mar 30, 2011
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      <<<<< JOB DESTRUCTION NEWSLETTER  No. 2144 -- 3/30/2011 >>>>>

      The House Judiciary is having a hearing [1] on H-1B Thursday, 3/31/2011.
      The subject line of the hearing is: "Visas: Designing a Program to Meet the
      Needs of the U.S. Economy and U.S. Workers".

      Details about who will be attending the meeting was only made available
      this week. The witness list includes the following people:

      Donald Neufeld:
      Associate Director of Service Center Operations, U.S. Citizenship and
      Immigration Services (USCIS). Neufeld is known because of an infamous memo
      he wrote that is often referred to as the "Neufeld Memo" [2]. His memo
      generated lots of hype from H-1B opponents who thought it was a silver
      bullet to reign in bodyshops who they erroneously blame as the major source
      of the H-1B problem and its abuses. The memo also received plenty of flak
      from bodyshops that don't want any tampering with their H-1B fix.
      Lobbyists from high tech and the medical industry moved quickly to squelch
      the memo with heavy duty lobbying -- they were even granted their own
      hearings which they used to maintain their honey pot of cheap labor. Many
      H-1B opponents think that Neufeld is a friend of American workers but that
      is probably wishful thinking. Most likely he is a government bureaucrat who
      will advocate for the enforcement of any regulation, which is helpful and
      what a bureaucrat should be doing, but enforcement of the H-1B regulations
      does little good because the law is so full of loopholes.

      Bo Cooper:
      Attorney at Berry Appleman & Leiden LLP. Cooper is an industry lobbyist and
      another pitiful example of Washington DC's revolving door. He used to be
      a General Counsel at the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) but
      now shills for the cheap labor lobby. This quote from a 2006 Congressional
      Testimony [3] says it all: "The primary problem relating to H-1B visas is
      that demand for those visas far outweighs the supply."

      Bruce A. Morrison [4]:
      Chairman, Morrison Public Affairs Group. In 1989 Rep. Bruce Morrison
      (D-Conn) was one of the architects of H-1B. If you want to know who to
      blame for H-1B, Morrison and his media spin doctor Paul Donnelly are two of
      the top villains. Unfortunately both of them are coming out of the
      graveyard to lobby for immigration policies that put the screws to American
      workers. Morrison has managed to infiltrate organizations like the IEEE and
      the hospital industry, which helps to explain why there is no viable
      opposition to the H-1B visa program [5].

      Ron Hira, Ph.D: [6]
      Associate Professor of Public Policy, Rochester Institute of Technology.
      Ron Hira makes a lot of sense on H-1B and he is a media darling whenever a
      TV show or newspaper wants an opinion on H-1B. Many H-1B opponents think of
      Hira as a hero because they only listen to his arguments on H-1B and
      because of his obvious ethnicity. Unfortunately Hira supports instant green
      cards and refuses to acknowledge the age discrimination factor as it
      relates to H-1B visas.

      So, what is this hearing REALLY all about?

      Expect all of the witnesses to list the evils of the H-1B program,
      especially its negative effect on foreigners who want nothing more than to
      live and work in the USA (while stealing your jobs). The only ones that
      might mention the harm H-1B does to American workers would be Neufeld or
      Hira. After the anti H-1B talk listen carefully for their pitches in favor
      of instant green cards because if there is a hidden agenda of the hearing
      it will be for instant green cards for business owners or college graduates
      (maybe one of them will even call for stapling green cards on diplomas!).
      Norm Matloff [7] and I have been warning all of you that there is a new
      push for instant green cards so this may be the bottle breaking ceremony
      across the bow of the Titanic.

      *****  LINKS  *****

      [1] Visas: Designing a Program to Meet the Needs of the U.S. Economy and
      U.S. Workers, House Judiciary Hearing on H-1B 3/31/2011
      http://judiciary.house.gov/ hearings/hear_03312011.html

      [2] Friday meeting at USCIS to discuss H-1B and medical bodyshops, 26 March
      http://blog.vdare.com/?s= neufeld+memo

      [3] Testimony of Mr. Bo Cooper, Former General Counsel, Immigration and
      Naturalization Service
      Global Personnel Alliance, August 31, 2006
      http://judiciary.senate.gov/ hearings/testimony.cfm?id= 1801&wit_id=5707

      [4] Scandals and Vice in EB-5 Visa Program
      http://blog.vdare.com/ archives/2010/03/05/scandals- and-vice-in-eb-5-visa-pro

      [5] Morrison Public Affairs Group
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      [6] Dr. Norm Matloff On NPR Discussion Of H-1Bs
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      [7] Dr. Norm Matloff On NBC Nightly News On H-1B, Then And Now
      http://blog.vdare.com/ archives/2011/03/04/dr-norm- matloff-on-nbc-nightly-new

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