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4909Why Free Trade Is the Real Problem With America's Economy

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  • valchau2001
    Nov 3, 2010
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      Why Free Trade Is the Real Problem With America's Economy
      After trillions in stimulus spending, bailout after bailout, near-zero
      interest rates, and the Fed printing money like confetti, our economy
      still refuses to recover.
      The real unemployment rate is closer to 20% than the 10% the government
      says. Even our high-tech industries are moving to China.
      It's time to face facts:
      The old playbook is defunct
      The old assumptions are wrong
      The old policies are broken
      We've been told for decades that free trade is best. The same economists
      who told us our financial system was "fine" say so.
      But they're wrong.
      Q: If free trade is so great, why did America
      not practice it for 150 years? (p.134)
      These are the big questions, and you can find the answers in this new
      Q: Why were the Founding Fathers against free
      trade? (p.132)
      Q: How can Americans compete against foreign
      workers who make $.57/hr? (p.2)
      Q: How are economists bribed to lie about the
      problems free trade causes? (p.7)
      Q: Which party is likely to do something about
      free trade and why? (p.266)
      Q: Why has President Obama done nothing about
      the problem of free trade? (p.259)