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  • Steven Seipel
    It does help. It will take me a little while to really read through it all. Thank you. ... De: Prophet Leader Asunto:
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 2, 2009
      It does help. It will take me a little while to really read through it all. Thank you.

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      Questions for Randall:

      Does your church have sacrament meetings? If so, how often?

      Yes. They are sparsely attended because
      many of our members are not local.

      Do you teach that these 40 dramatic presentations are necessary for our progression, or just nice extras?

      The spirit of Elijah is sufficient to make
      one's calling and election sure. These additional ordinances
      are given in the spirit of Messiah. They teach the
      character attributes of the Savior beyond obedience
      (the 1st endowment).

      D&C 4 was a revelation of Priesthood to the Patriarch to the church.   D&C 4 is a memorandum of the pattern of the ordinances that take one up through the terrestrial kingdom.  Note the lunar motif in D&C 4 there are 15 attributes just as there are 15 days between the new moon and the full moon).    Also not the lunar motif in the sickel that is thrust in.   Magnifying your calling is to make larger the disk of the moon  (to get more light).   To have a full milk pan as Joseph used to say.  This of course puts a visual context to the term fulness of the Priesthood.
      Joseph was aware and probably told Taylor that there would be a panorama ordinance in the last days that would rehearse the history of this world or company of spirits from the beginning to the winding up scene.    Each dispensation would have part of the whole law given until in the final dispensation all dispensations all laws would be gathered into one.
      D&C 4 is a memorandum of part of this panorama ordinance. .   BY understood this when he said, 
      "Herein is the fulness of perfection [in temple ordinances].  It was couched in the character of our savior, although but a scanty portion of it was made manifest to the people, in consequence of their not being able to receive it.   All they were prepared to receive he gave them.   All that we are prepared to receive the Lord gives us…" [Brigham Young Priesthood Manual p. 22].
      In the Forty day literature we learn that after his resurrection Jesus taught his apostles and the seventy for 40 days and 40 nights.  I speculate that each day the Savior taught a different principle of his character.    Faith would have been taught by the Story of Adam and Eve, Hope would have been taught by the story of Abraham and Sarah,  and Charity would have been taught by the story of Isaac and Rebecca. 
      Orson Pratt and Brigham Young encapsulated the 40 attributes of the character of the Savior into the architecture of the Salt Lake temple.    Leading up to the Celestial Room it was intended for there to be
      15 steps.   This is a lunar motif--the 15 attributes represented are the ones named in D&C 4 faith, hope, charity &c.
      Once in the celestial room, it is another Eight steps up into the special room (or Holie of Holies).
      Two steps outside the sliding doors and another six steps up the narrow staircase (a solar motif). 
      On the dome of the Special room are 17 eight pointed stars.   A pythygorean right triangle of length 15 and height 8 will have a hypotenuse of length 17.  The sides 15+8+17 add up to the 40 character attributes or endowments of our Savior.     Thus the 1st endowment portrays Faith by telling the story of Adam and Eve. 
      The 2nd endowment portrays hope by telling the story of Abraham and Sarah.   The  3rd Endowment Charity, the story of Isaac… & c.  [the balance of the characters and attributes are left as an exercise for you to figure out]
        There is a sealing room at the end of the celestial room on a
      higher level than the Holie of Holies.  This sealing room was
      originally intended for the adoptions which would place a person in
      his station in the Patriarchal order.    It is important to have a
      sealing line to the Prophet Joseph since it is through the Prophet
      Joseph that we are sealed to our progenitors in other dispensations.
      Each dispensation and each character is the endowment has a unique law or laws that are associated with that character.    It we are to be sealed to all the dispensation heads back to Adam we have to obey and be involved in the laws that were taught by that dispensation or era head.    As Alvin R. Dyer says 
      sealing is involvement involvement with certain laws.    Abraham missionary work (also Plural Marriage),  Enoch (the law of consecration) ,  &c. 
      So far the majority of temple worthy saints have only been trusted with the 1st endowment.  Brigham Young's efforts to bring the school of the prophets up to the level where they could partake of these higher Ordinances pertaining to the order of Enoch failed (see various addresses in Journal of Discourses). 
      John Taylor felt that the Panorama ordinance which was to rehearse the various dispensations from Adam to Jesus to the Prophet Joseph to the winding up scene would not be given generally until the last days.
      Note also that the Holie of Holies in the Salt Lake temple was meant to represent the Union of the terrestrial (lunar) and the celestial (solar) in a Solar eclipse.    The small platform at the top of the narrow staircase going into the holy of holies represents the moon.  The Holie of Holies represents the earth and the Celestial Room the Sun.     It is a solar eclipse such as the one that occured at the Saviors crucificion.   The six steps up into  the holie of holies represent the six stages of a solar eclipse 1st contact, partial occlusion, totality, partial occlusion,  last contact. 
      See Michael Schneiders, trade book A Beginners guide to Constructing  the Universe The Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art, and Science, for the Geometric details on how the holie of holies squares the circle (see page 214).   The square represents the earth and the circle heaven.   The Holie of Holies binds the square and the circle,  it is the point of contact between heaven and earth.   

      How did you learn them?

      By revelation. The keywords are given in D&C 4 and in Nauvoo
      Revelation Book. Sometimes the biblical character associated
      with a particular character attribute is obvious sometimes not.

      For example Faith Adam, Hope Abraham, Charity (Isaac), Love
      (Jacob)....the rest are left as an exercise for the reader...

      Excerpts from John Taylor Mediation and Atonement, Chap 15 (pp. 122-23).
      "The remarks of President Joseph Smith are very plain and explicit, and are
      a strong confirmation of the passage he himself refers to, pertaining to
      the times of the restitution of all things; which will embrace all systems,
      doctrines, ordinance, dispensations, and Priesthoods connected with the
      Church and Kingdom of God. That there will be a full manifestation of all
      these things, relating to the various times and dispensations, is assured;
      yet, as Joseph Smith has very properly said, the details of those rituals
      and observances cannot now be fully defined. But as ancient Israel
      preserved in the Ark of the Covenant memorials of God's power, goodness and
      mercy, manifested during the exodus from Egypt, in the two tables of stone
      and the pot of manna; and of the recognition of the Aaronic Priesthood in
      Aaron's rod that budded; and as the sword of numerous other yet to be made
      manifest, and a Urim and Thummim were preserved on this continent; so will
      there be an exhibition an evidence, a memorial, and an actual manifestation
      of matters pertaining to laws, ordinances, ceremonies and dispensations,
      from the commencement of the world to the present time, preserved and
      manifested in the dispensation that the Lord in His loving kindness has now
      inaugurated. This will be in accordance with the eternal plans and
      purposes of belonging to the Priesthoods of God in the different ages,
      pertaining to the organization of this world, the proposed mediation and
      atonement of the Son of God, the manifestations and developments of the
      Melchizedek Priesthood, and the Prophet Joseph has referred to, as well
      relating to sacrifices in early days as in other matters. The introduction
      of the Aaronic Priesthood, together with the Ark and the Tabernacle, which
      we are told were made after the patterns shown unto Moses in the
      mount—patterns which existed in the heavens; the eternal existence,
      authority and power of both Priesthoods as connected with God and
      administering in time and eternity; the attempts of Satan to overthrow the
      dynasty, power and authority of Jehovah and his complete failure and
      discomfiture; exhibiting in a panorama all leading, prominent details of
      the creation, atonement, redemption, salvation and exaltation of the world
      and man, the organization of a new heaven and a new earth, and all the
      purposed of God, His plans and ordinances, manifested through the
      Priesthood from the first inception of the organization of the world to the
      final consummation, purification and exaltation of the world and its
      inhabitants, according to the foreknowledge and determinate counsel of the

      Are the seven kingly grades of priesthood you refer to conferred all at once or on different occasions?

      Can be one grip at a time or up to the key of Enoch ommiting
      the oath and covenant of the Priesthood given with the Key
      of Omega. For those who magnify their calling and who are
      fully worthy (2nd Anointing, adoption to one of Joseph's lines,
      magnifying their calling) these ordinances are given at once.
      You can read a bit about the grips of the kingly grades
      in the files section. I am also willing to send a more complete
      file to those who the Lord reveals are sincerely seeking the

      Steve: Other people who claim to be the birthright heir of Joseph Smith claim it on the basis of ordination by the previous birthright heir. You claim to have discovered your right to the position by searching your genealogy. How is your situation different from others who simply "take this honor upon himself" like Terrill Dalton or Jim Harmston?"

      The Father appointed me head of the Church or the Firstborn.
      I preside by virtue of birthright and ordination. The ordinations
      are 2nd anointing (ability to fill any vacancy that may occur)and
      a third anointing by the Father himself.


      Can you tell us who ordained you to your priesthood position?

      The Father himself. I received an LDS 2nd anointing from
      Bro. Niblett a sealer in the Atlanta Temple. I received a
      fundy 2nd from Robert Black.

      Why is tithing only 2%?

      To allow LDS to pay tithing to support the temple. I am
      seeking more revelation on this point. At the moment its
      just a policy.

      > If a person's garments should have a six-pointed star after he receives his second anointing, does that mean that regular garments should have a five-pointed star?

      No. The compass and the square are the proper insignia for the
      1st endowment.
      Do you teach that we should pray only to our heavenly father, or to both him and our heavenly mother?

      Following Jesus and Orson Pratt only Heavenly Father. The holy
      presence of Heavenly Father obtained by a prayer circle with
      the Kingly signs of the priesthood brings you into the presence
      of the Father, Mother, and Son--the highest manifestation of
      God available to mortals.

      What is your opinion about Tom Green's Lebaronite priesthood lineage, or the Lebaron family's church of the firstborn claims in general?

      Ross went off the deep end. He was a fallen prophet when he
      came up with this ego gratifying idea. It results from a misreading
      of the D&C and one of Joseph's discourses. The D&C says that the
      restoration shall be administered to members at Nauvoo NOT thathere will be another restoration by Elijah at Nauvoo. Joseph received
      all of the keys and there is no dispensation between his and the
      the dispensation of the Last times (millenium) presided over
      by Jesus.

      Where are you planning to build temples, other than California and Utah? How about Missouri?

      All of the above. Its a big load to take on.

      Have you figured out the design(architecture ) of the temples yet?

      Initially one large lecture hall (terrestrial/ room)a veil adjoining a a sealing room and holy of Holies complex on the pattern of the Salt
      Lake temple. Also a room for adoptions 17 steps up from the
      room after the veil.

      Exterior similar to the Washington D.C. temple if pledges come in as

      > When doing work for the dead, will initiatories and endowments be done separately, like in the LDS temples?

      No. For teaching purposes the initiatory is an integral part of the endowment. Though it is permissible to split the ordinances.

      After we do baptisms and endowments for our ancestors, can we then have them sealed to us as our children?

      Yes. WW is the one who deviated from this order of sealing.

      When one wants to join your church, how does he do it? Rebaptism? What requirements and process do you have? Will there be a waiting period before receiving the endowment and sealings?

      Rebaptism allowed but not required if a valid LDS or Fundamentalist
      baptism exists. No waiting period for the worthy including
      second anointings. Waiting period for Kingly grades and 39 additional
      endowments 1 year.

      Hope this helps,

      Dr. Randall Larsen

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