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8Re: [Church_of_the_Firstborn_Westwood] Re: Necessity of Restoring the Temple ordinance of adoption(sealing to Joseph's line

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  • Randall Larsen
    Aug 8, 2009

      I posted your message without comment.   I appreciate your point of view.  I plan to show forth more fruits of praise and wisdom.    Feel free to identify what Fundamentalist group you are from in your messages.  Let them know where they can read the 2nd book of commandments.  We have prophets at a discount now since the Father has authorized me to use the the phrase Thus Saith the Lord in connection with revelation.   Since the revelation appointing me the Keyholder is thus saith the Lord it is binding on the world i.e.
      the world needs to seek confirmation or denial from the Holy Ghost.

      LDS leaders have not used the phrase thus saith the Lord in decades thus what they say
      is only counsel it's not binding on the church or the world.


      Joseph Smith

      If anything should have been suggested by us, or any names mentioned, except by commandment, or thus saith the Lord, we do not consider it binding.

      DHC3:295; MFP1:94

      warm regards,

      Randall Larsen

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      Subject: [Church_of_the_Firstborn_Westwood] Re: Necessity of Restoring the Temple ordinance of adoption(sealing to Joseph's line
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      Date: Saturday, August 8, 2009, 8:22 AM


      --- In Church_of_the_ Firstborn_ Westwood@ yahoogroups. com, "Dr. Randall Larsen" <rlars100@.. .> wrote:
      > I agree. That is why we have formed the Church of the Firstborn Westwood to call out a people from the LDS who will think for themselves and know how to learn the mind of God by the use of the prayer circle keys. As Heber C. Kimball prophesied:
      > The time will come when the Lord will choose a people out of this people upon whom he will bestow his choicest blessings" (Heber C. Kimball, Des. News. Nov. 9, 1865). 
      > The Lord has begun to choose that people.  Are you among them?
      > > warm regards, > randall


      Hi Randall,

      One of the reasons many of us believe in the Prophet Joseph Smith is not because of his understanding of the previous revelations in the Bible, and his great wisdom to live by them, but because he clearly was being given new revelation. The BoM and the D&C and the PGP stand as witnesses of the gift Joseph had from the God of heaven.

      So when we trust in Joseph, we know we are actually trusting in the God of heaven.

      So, notwithstanding your clear interest and studied knowledge of the work of Temple ordinances, including adoption, that was restored to some degree by the Prophet Joseph, this is not enough for most of us to trust that your work is from the God of heaven.

      For one thing, many others have also studied the Temple ordinances and have their studied understanding of the matter also. Why is your's superior?

      I do accept that the Lord's Gentile church, the CJCLDS, has been led out of the way by Gentile pollutions. But we all should be careful not to try to steady the ark!

      The Lord has promised that when the times of the Gentiles have fully ended, he will restore again his ancient covenant people Israel and give back to them all their former blessings. It is certain that the Lord still can call prophets and bring forth more of His word. It is certain that the Lord can and will cleanse His church and rid his Temples of pollutions. And that he will fully reveal all the ordinances of His house.

      We know Zion is coming. But we must be sure that we find those who truly have the Word of the Lord to be led correctly.

      My own faith is that the revelations in the Second Book of Commandments is true revelation in the identical gift as the revelations to Joseph and other early Mormon leaders. If a person is seeking to set their house in order, and to prepare for the cleansing of the Lord's Gentile church, I recommend the 2BC revelations for guidance in that endeavor.

      Very sincerely,


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