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34questions from brother steve

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  • sseipel133
    Sep 11, 2009
      Questions for Randall:

      Does your church have sacrament meetings? If so, how often?

      Do you teach that these 40 dramatic presentations are necessary for our progression, or just nice extras?

      How did you learn them?

      Are the seven kingly grades of priesthood you refer to conferred all at once or on different occasions?

      Other people who claim to be the birthright heir of Joseph Smith claim it on the basis of ordination by the previous birthright heir. You claim to have discovered your right to the position by searching your genealogy. How is your situation different from others who simply "take this honor upon himself" like Terrill Dalton or Jim Harmston?

      Can you tell us who ordained you to your priesthood position?

      Why is tithing only 2%?

      If a person's garments should have a six-pointed star after he receives his second anointing, does that mean that regular garments should have a five-pointed star?

      Do you teach that we should pray only to our heavenly father, or to both him and our heavenly mother?

      What is your opinion about Tom Green's Lebaronite priesthood lineage, or the Lebaron family's church of the firstborn claims in general?

      Where are you planning to build temples, other than California and Utah? How about Missouri?

      Have you figured out the design(architecture) of the temples yet?

      When doing work for the dead, will initiatories and endowments be done separately, like in the LDS temples?

      After we do baptisms and endowments for our ancestors, can we then have them sealed to us as our children?

      When one wants to join your church, how does he do it? Rebaptism? What requirements and process do you have? Will there be a waiting period before receiving the endowment and sealings?
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