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33Revelation on Tithing (also for LDS Church).

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  • rlars100
    Sep 6 9:21 PM

      "September 6, 2009 7:35 P.M., Chatsworth, California.
      1. Thus saith the Lord, inasmuch as my church the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is
      wealthy and debt free, the church need not place unnecessary burdens upon its poor, Nonetheless in
      recent times the leaders of the church have asked the poor to pay a percentage of their gross income
      (10%) to the church. This often results in those members having to take on extra jobs leaving their
      children at home or in child care facilities or alternatively the poor go without some of the necessities
      of life.
      2. Verily I say to you it is not pleasing to the Lord that church leaders place heavy burdens on the poor
      of the church.
      3. The revelation I gave my servant Joseph known as Doctrine and Covenants 119 has always defined
      tithing as interest or surplus. From henceforth in the case of the poor among you I command you to use
      that definition of a full tithing. The rich may be asked to pay 10% or more of their income as surplus
      income but the poor are required to pay only their interest or surplus-- the income that is left over after
      necessities are purchased.
      4. This policy should be announced to church members at your earliest convenience no later than
      September 20, 2009.
      5. Amen."


      warm regards,

      Randall Larsen