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31On a newsblog someone asked What version of the endowment the CofFBW would adopt

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  • rlars100
    Aug 26, 2009
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      The church of the Firstborn Westwood got a news notice
      on the Mormon blog Mormonism Unveiled:


      A reader commented What version of the endowment the CofFBW would adopt?

      Here is my answer which contains useful info about robe shifting &c.
      I would like your comments and suggestions for the future:

      I am happy with the pre-april 1990 endowment with penalties (although not specific verbally). The penalties represent certain geometric ratios which are part of the essential instruction (although one might still get them by revelation from the signs).

      One melchizedek ratio is Phi the golden mean 1.618 approx. Phi squared is 2.617924 times 6/5 is good approximation of PI 3.1415. 6/5 is represented in the Aaronic PH.

      I would restore the proper robe shifting. Starting with the robe on the right shoulder and shifting it with each degree (as Joseph did).

      See the illustration mentioned below on the Church's yahoo group photos section you may join web only and have your email hidden:

      They used to shift the robe 3 or 4 times in the endowment house. 3 times starting on the right shoulder 2nd Aaronic degree. In 1922 Richards recommend dropping one shift of the robe the meanings put on the robe shift now are incorrect due to Richad's tampering:

      "Taken from the minutes of a meeting at the office of the First Presidency. Presidents Grant, Penrose and Ivins being present. I represented having discussed with associates in the temple the advisability of instituting a change in the procedure of placing the Endowment Robes on the individuals receiving endowments the present method being to first place the robe on the right shoulder, subsequently change it to the left shoulder, and later again back to the right shoulder. The proposed change would be to place the robe first on the Left shoulder, and retain it there until after the Second Token of the Aaronic Priesthood has been given, then to change it to the Right shoulder, in conformity with the giving of the Tokens of the Melchizedek Priesthood, thus obviating one of the changes heretofore made, and more effectively indicating transition from the lower to the higher orders of the Priesthood."

      Earler confusion existed about the robe shifting:

      David John Buerger, The Mysteries of Godliness; p.117 - 118
      David H. Cannon, present in the St. George temple at its dedication
      in 1877, later recalled such notions: "at that time it was thot that the
      endowment was to be administered in two degrees, the first degree
      to include the Aaronic Priesthood only and that when the second
      token of the Aaronic Priesthood was given the robe would be on the
      right shoulder and that when the applicant had received the higher or
      Melkesedic Priesthood the robe would be on the left shoulder."51
      Despite such apparent consensus, advocated by George Q. Cannon
      as late as 14 January 1894,52 this two-stage endowment was never

      Contra Toscano and others the robe is positioned over the operative mark/pillar NOT the mark that is displayd on the other side of the robe (Mormon urban legend). When the robe is on your left side you are officiating in the compass (spiritual things). When the robe is on your right side you are officiating in the square(or box) temporal things. I checked this with the oldest knock off of the temple ceremonies the Egyptian Endowment. See the vignette from Lanzone on the church's site photos. The two ladies behind Osiris are Isis with the winnowing fork (above her head) temporal things like the harvest of wheat, and Nepthys with a foot washing bowl or royal basket above her head (spiritual things) Note the Maat feather Nepthys only has the Maat feather (sanctification) above the Ank on her hand. This signifies she is justified (and sanctified).

      Isis has her right hand raised to the square. Nephthys has her left hand raised to the square. Notice that in the opposite hand each lady holds an Ank. The ank symbolizes the navel string. In our temple clothes it's the bow tied in the sash. The bow is always on the opposite side of the robe. So the robe is on the left shoulder for Nephthys or Yachin (compass/spiritual) and on the right shoulder for Isis or Boaz

      So like Isis the young Elder Melchizedek holds only a portion of the kingly grades of the Priesthood of the Son of God so he wears the robe on the right shoulder. He has the sickle to cut down or harvest the wheat sheaf. Isis has the winnowing fork to separate the wheat from the chaff.

      dThe sickle shape is a lunar motif. In several of the moon's 15 waxing days (or 15 waning days) it takes on a crescent moon shape. Priesthood holders are encouraged to magnify (make larger) their callings by obeying the ordinances of the temple and the law in full face or power in all of its bearings on the face of the earth. Thus the priesthood holder will advance toward a "moon" in full face or power.

      Also in this Vignette the serpent represents the veil with the serpent god Sia introducing at the veil. Note the knives to deal with imposters.

      I prefer the 1931 endowment
      because its the most correct. Penalties are specifically given in the Kingly grades of Priesthood
      spoken of by Brigham Young not all
      are covenants by one's life.

      hope this helps,

      Dr. Randall Larsen