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  • Dr. Randall Larsen
    Aug 9 11:44 PM

      As far as I know Eldred G. Smith continued
      after granted emeritus status to give Patriarchal
      Blessings and do monogamous marital sealings that's all.

      The LDS resumed continuing plural marriage secretly
      under Pres. Kimball's administration (that's why he
      was able to get a bit of revelation). Eldred G. Smith
      was not involved (PS couldn't be trusted).

      There were also allegations of misconduct with boys against
      Smith. He also refused to turn over to the church a seerstone
      that formerly belonged to Joseph (hope I am remembering right
      on this).

      The real reason for President Kimball's retirement of
      Eldred G. Smith is rumoured to relate to Patriarch Smith's
      opposition to President Kimball giving the opportunity of
      Priesthood to all worthy male members.

      The whole story of the conflict between the Patriarch's and the
      the church and Presidents of the church is documented in
      Irene Bate's book LOST LEGACY which I highly recommend. The
      book even explains cogently some of the disputes between
      Hyrum and the Prophet Joseph (Hyrum was against plural marriage until
      1843 or so).

      I think President Kimball just wanted to be done with the
      issue of the Patriarch to the church being "the highest office in the
      church." [the Prophet Joseph at the trial of Benjamin Wincester]
      If you read the book Lost Legacy you will see that
      the problem of who presides over the church has a history.

      President Kimball may also have known that the Patriarchal
      priesthood line (D&C 107) has actually been with the Brigham Young
      line and rightly belongs to the "natural" lineage heirs of
      the prophet Brigham while the birthright to the fulness of the
      priesthood belongs to a descendant of Brigham Young and his
      Eldest adopted son Joshua Sawyer Holman.

      The birthright to the Patriarchal keys and to the fulness
      of the Priesthood Keys (D&C84:6-17) belong to the Brigham
      Young line because Brigham Young's father was adopted to
      the Prophet Joseph Smith as his birthright heir. The prophet
      Joseph had a right to the presiding keys by BLOOD as the heir
      of his Dad the eldest born of Ephraim.

      Of course we are in the middle of an apostolic interregnum
      with the 12 forming a First presidency (usually from the
      President of the 12) and ignoring the Brigham Young line's
      birthright to preside by lineage and by Blood.

      I would be happy to dig out some quotes from the book
      Lost Legacy if you have any questions.

      During Pres. Hinkley's administration I felt especially
      sorry for Patriarch Smith. Patriarch Smith was invited to the outdoor cornerstone ceremony for the Palmyra temple. He was
      seated in the audience and not on the stand. While Pres. Hinkley
      recognized him from the stand it was a slap in the face to
      have the Patriarch emeritus or not, the only Smith relative present seated in the audience (in the sun no less).

      Rest assured IMHO there were no secret missions for Eldred G. Smith
      The Brethren did not trust him after 1978.

      hope this helps,

      Randall Larsen

      --- In Church_of_the_Firstborn_Westwood@yahoogroups.com, "elyza2012" <adohni@...> wrote:
      > I've often wondered if Patriarch Smith continued with the sealing keys after he was retired (LDS Church) and they only pretended publicly that he didn't perform the higher ordinances. Is it possible that the LDS Church continues the underground unbeknownst to you and me? With only those needing to know or called to know,,,,having that information?
      > elyza
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