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10Re: Necessity of Restoring the Temple ordinance of adoption(sealing to Joseph's line

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  • Dr. Randall Larsen
    Aug 9, 2009
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      Thanks for the information and the file.

      Our position is that The Church of the
      Firstborn Westwood is a continuation of
      the Church of the Firstborn originally
      organized at Kirtland in Feb 1836 using
      the Apostolic Keys he received from Peter,
      James and John. The Father has simply put
      his servant Randall in charge.

      The founding of the Church of the Firstborn begins with
      the anointing of Father Smith and Joseph Jan 21, 1836. In
      February 1836 many of the leading brethren would get a
      similar unconditional anointing to the blessings of their
      progrenitors in the priesthood Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and
      Jacob. Joseph's anointing was recorded in Joseph Smith's diary as follows:

      Account by Joseph Smith:
      "At about 3. oclock P..M. I dismissed the school and the
      presidency, retired to the loft of the printing office, where we attended the ordinance of washing our bodies in pure water, we also perfumed our bodies and our heads, in the name of the Lord at early candlelight,

      I meet with the presid=ency, at the west school room in the
      Chapel to attend to the ordinance of annointing our heads with holy oil—also the councils of {Zion} Kirtland and Zion, meet in the two
      ad=joining rooms, who waited in prayer while we attended to the
      ordinance,—I took the oil in my {right} hand, father Smith being
      seated before me and the rest of the pre=sidency encircled him
      round about.—we then streched our right hands to heaven and blessed
      the oil and consecrated it in the name of Jesus Christ— we then laid our hands on our aged fath[er] Smith, and invoked, the blessings of
      heaven,—I then annointed his head with the consecrated oil, and
      sealed many blessings upon him, {head} he presidency then in turn,
      laid their hands upon his head, beginning at the eldest, untill
      they had all laid their hands on him, and pronounced such blessings,
      upon his head as the Lord put in their hearts— all blessing him to be
      our patraark [Patriarch], {and} annoint our heads, and attend to all
      duties that pertain to that office.— I then took the seat, and
      father annoint[ed] me head, and sealed upon me the blessings, of
      Moses, to lead Israel in the latter days, even as moses led him
      in days of old,—also the blessings of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.—all of the presidency laid their hands upon me and pronounced upon my
      head many prophecies, and blessings... ." (Note: Deleted words are in
      braces "{}", interpolations are in angled brackets, "[]".)
      Joseph Smith's Diary, 21 January 1836, as recorded in Dean C. Jessee,

      As David John Buerger explains,

      According to the History of the Church's official account, the first part of this ritual was given on 21 January 1836 when the First Presidency "retired to the attic story of the printing office, where we attended the ordinance of washing our bodies in pure water. We also perfumed our bodies and our heads, in the name of the Lord." After blessing and consecrating oil for this ceremony, the presidency laid their hands on each other's heads, progressing from oldest to youngest, blessing and anointing each other to their offices. Following several days of performing anointings to other priesthood bearers, Joseph Smith, on 6 February 1836, assembled these people together to "receive the seal of all their blessings." This sealing was performed as a group ceremony by Sidney Rigdon, after which the participants "were to shout with one accord a solemn hosanna to God and the Lamb, with an Amen, Amen and Amen" (2:379-82, 391-92; Jessee 1984, 145, 156).
      endquote The Development of the Mormon Temple Endowment Ceremony

      In another place he further elucidates:
      After several days of anointings administered to other priesthood bearers, the Prophet, on 6 February 1836,
      Dialogue, Vol.16, No.1, p.15
      called the anointed together to receive the seal of all their blessings .... The first part [of the inspired order was] to be spent in solemn prayer before God, without any talking or confusion; and the conclusion with a sealing prayer by President Rigdon, when all the quorums were to shout with one accord a solemn hosanna to God and the Lamb, with an Amen, Amen and Amen; and then all take seats and lift up their hearts in silent prayer to God, and if any obtain a prophecy or vision, to rise and speak that all may be edified and rejoice together.16
      Dialogue, Vol.16, No.1, p.16
      A few weeks later at the dedication of the temple, Joseph Smith instructed the quorums of lay members and Church officers on the ordinance of washing of feet.17 Two days later, on March 29th, the Presidency "proceeded to cleanse our faces and our feet, and then proceeded to wash one another's feet." After this was done, those in attendance "partook of the bread and wine."18 The next day, a group of about three hundred male Church members met in the temple and, after the administration of the sacrament, received the ordinance of washing of feet as well. The Prophet then announced that he "had now completed the organization of the Church, and we had passed through all the necessary ceremonies."19[meaning the Church of the
      Firstborn was formed not that more wouldn't be added later]. It was just four days later, however, again in the Kirtland Temple, that Joseph received a vision recorded in Doctrine and Covenants 110, of the prophet Elijah20 who gave him the full sealing power of the Melchizedek priesthood--an authority which Joseph Smith did not fully reveal and use until Nauvoo.
      endquote from Buerger, David John, "The Fulness of the Priesthood":
      The Second Anointing in Latter-day Saint Theology and Practice

      At this point even though the Church of the Firstborn
      lacked the sealing power of Elijah (the fulness of the
      Melchizedek Priesthood) that makes a man a King and a Priest
      to the most high God, these brethren had the Patriarchal
      sealing power of Abraham to open the heavens and receive
      instruction (see Joseph's 27 August 1843 discourse regarding
      two sealing powers the sealing power of Abraham and the
      Sealing power of Melchizedek).

      When the blessings were sealed with the Hossanah
      Shout many of them saw the savior. Others saw angels:

      According to the Oliver Cowdery Journal, 6 February, 27 March 1836:
      In the evening met with the presidency any (sic?) quorums in the Lord's house, when their anointing blessings were sealed by uplifted hands and praises to God. Many saw visions, many prophesied, and many spake in tongues. Closed a little before 12 o'clock.

      Of the washing of feet administered later in that month
      Apostle Erastus Snow says,

      Salt Lake City School of the Prophets Minute Book, Internally Paginated
      Apostle Erastus Snow: I so understood. I did not understand to be a preparatory work either. I understood it rather as a finishing work, and the words used in most cases according to the best of my recollection, were: "I wash you and pronounce you clean from the blood of this generation." [unconditional]

      So with the Kirtland endowment the Church of the Firstborn
      was organized. Note that at first the Church of the Firstborn
      included only male members.

      Of the Church of the Firstborn Heber C. Kimball

      This people here are the people of God. Here, in the Territory of Deseret, is the kingdom of God, and here are all the officers pertaining to that kingdom; and here is an organization that is organized after the order of God, and it is organized after the order of the Church of the First Born.
      Journal of Discourses, vol. 5, p.129
      Let me explain what the Church of the First Born is. It is the first Church that ever was raised up upon this earth; that is, the first born Church. That is what I mean; and when God our Father organized that Church, He organized it just as His Father organized the Church on the earth where He dwelt; and that same order is organized here in the City of Great Salt Lake; and it is that order that Joseph Smith the Prophet of God organized in the beginning in Kirtland, Ohio. Brother Brigham Young, myself, and others were present when that was done; and when those officers received their endowments, they were together in one place. They were organized, and received their endowments and blessings, and those keys were placed upon them, and that kingdom will stand for ever.
      Journal of Discourses, vol. 5, p.129
      Now mark it—that kingdom will never be overthrown; although they may kill, that is, if they can, brother Brigham and me, and brother Daniel H. Wells, and they may kill the Apostles, if they can, and so they may keep on from this time to all eternity, and they never can obliterate this [p.130] work. I know it. They may kill, and destroy, and waste a great many limbs that are upon this Church; but let me tell you, they never can kill the tree nor destroy the root from whence we have sprung; for our Father and our God is that root, and Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the tree or vine, and we spring out of that vine; and if we keep His commandments and receive the Spirit of God, the Holy Ghost, it is that nourishment that comes down directly from the Father, from Jesus Christ, the true vine.
      Journal of Discourses, vol. 5, p.130
      And as President Buchanan, the President of the United States of America, holds the keys of the government of this whole nation, so Brigham Young holds the keys pertaining to this Church and people.

      My claim is that I inherit Brigham Young's (birth)right to
      the presiding keys by lineage and by Blood and by Revelation
      from the Father.

      My position is that the Father has put me in charge of the
      Church of the Firstborn started at Kirtland in Feb 1836.
      Except for Missionary work authorized by me
      the LDS Church is a "dead limb" of the
      root created at Kirtland in Feb 1836.

      So perhaps its the Church of the Firstborn Westwood that
      needs to be set right to accomplish its mission?

      warm regards,

      Randall Larsen

      --- In Church_of_the_Firstborn_Westwood@yahoogroups.com, "Richard" <efriendsinbox@...> wrote:
      > --- In Church_of_the_Firstborn_Westwood@yahoogroups.com, Randall Larsen <rlars100@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Richard,
      > >
      > > I posted your message without comment.   I appreciate your point of view.  I plan to show forth more fruits of praise and wisdom.    Feel free to identify what Fundamentalist group you are from in your messages.  Let them know where they can read the 2nd book of commandments.  We have prophets at a discount now since the Father has authorized me to use the the phrase Thus Saith the Lord in connection with revelation.   Since the revelation appointing me the Keyholder is thus saith the Lord it is binding on the world i.e.
      > > the world needs to seek confirmation or denial from the Holy Ghost.
      > >
      > > LDS leaders have not used the phrase thus saith the Lord in decades thus what they say> is only counsel it's not binding on the church or the world.
      > > Joseph> Smith
      > > If> anything should have been suggested by us, or any names mentioned,> except by commandment, or thus saith the Lord, we do not consider it>binding. DHC3:295;
      > > > warm regards,
      > > Randall Larsen
      > ...
      > Randall,
      > I am aware of the Joseph Smith quote you give, and am aware that the LDS leaders have not brought forth a "word of the Lord" revelation in 120 years-- since the 1889 revelation to President Woodruff. There is no evidence that this gift has existed among the LDS leadership for this long time.
      > The 2BC authorizes a School of the Prophets, and I am in that School. The School teaches only those who seek it out.
      > However, the 2BC forbids setting up a church, so the School does no missionary work. The Lord has a church, and He has promised to eventually cleanse it and set it in order during a coming "Year of Cleansing" promised in 2BC 24.
      > The first 2BC "Word of the Lord" revelation was in 1961, and the gift has continued to this year. www.2bc.info is a site with information on these revelations. groups.yahoo.com/group/SecondBookOfCommandments is a Yahoo group related to these revelations.
      > Richard
      > Here are early 2BC revelations in a free pdf file:
      > http://www.2bc.info/pdf/2bc-fi39.pdf
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