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THANK YOU for the Report on Bashing Men

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  • Ken
    THANK YOU for the Report on Bashing Men I was watching Your World with Neil Cavuto on Fox this evening. He talked about the ads bashing MEN and showed
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2010
      THANK YOU for the Report on Bashing Men

      I was watching "Your World with Neil Cavuto on Fox this evening. He talked about the ads bashing MEN and showed several examples of it. I sent Neil this response.


      Neil, thank you so much for the report on Dec 3 about TV ads that bash men. Unfortunately, it is not new. Male bashing in TV has been going on for decades and the programing is usually worse than the ads. Gone are the "Father Knows Best" and "Leave it to Beaver" and in comes "Home Improvement" and "The Simpson's'. In almost every series, the men need to be rescued by women, just as in the ads/ Your report about women overwhelmingly liking these ads is also very disturbing as it is to hear that men think there is no problem. It IS a problem, a major problem.

      As the director of Shattered Men, I have talked to hundreds of men and many women who are very disturbed by this MISANDRY in our society and our government may well be at the root of it

      We have a whole generation of men who have grown up hearing nothing good said about men and about being a man. Is it any wonder that the suicide rate for our boys and men are several times that of women? When one hears only negative things all their life about something they can not change, and when they are told they are stupid, they are worthless as most of our boys are hearing constantly even from teachers, they lose all hope and that can and does make one dangerous.

      Our government sponsors this MISANDRY to a great extent with anti-male laws such as the Violence Against Women Act regarding domestic violence. Although all of the unbiased evidence shows women are at least as abusive as men, and many such as the CDC report which states that 71% of the time when only one person is using physical violence, it is the WOMAN who is doing the hitting, the VAWA protects only women. Men need not apply. I have talked to dozens of men who were arrested for being battered even though they never hit back. Our society is based upon each person having a right to defend themselves from attack BUT this right does NOT exist if you are male and your attacker is female, often even if she is trying to use deadly force.

      There is so much more I could say but PLEASE consider doing a report on the MISANDRY in our society. I can give you dozens of resources which show that is it important to value ALL OUR PEOPLE!

      Pastor Kenneth Deemer

      Director Shattered Men
      P.O. BOX 166
      MARION INDIANA 46952-0166

      JUNE is Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month
      Web site: http://www.shatterdmen.com
      Interactive group http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Shatteredmen/
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