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78Re: Christian Cemeteries Pakistan Searching for a Grave

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  • John Kendall
    May 29, 2009
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      BACSA has a vast archiveof photographs.  Some of them are in the British Library (the link to the catalogue is available on the BACSA web site).  I also know that Sue Farringdon herself has a very large number of photos.  I'm not sure if she does personal requests though, and I don't have any contact details for her.  You could try through BACSA somehow.

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      Micheal, so many thanks for the information that is very much appreciated and I will pass this information to Doug and Margaret.  Would you haven to know if there is a photograph of the grave stone? 


      Many thanks and regards,


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      Subject: RE: Christian Cemeteries Pakistan Searching for a Grave

      The BACSA publication “Rawalpindi Cemeteries & Churches” (Susan M
      Farrington) confirms that Pamela was buried in Rawalpindi – in Harley Street
      Cemetery (which is in the cantonment). The inscription reads:
      Pam Elizabeth Gillot
      Passed away 26 Jan 1960
      Deeply missed by Mummy, Daddy, Diana and Peter.

      I hope that this is of some help.


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      Subject: Christian Cemeteries Pakistan Searching for a Grave

      I am looking for a photograph of the Grave of Pam or Pamela Gillot who was
      buried in 1959 in a cemetery that I believe is in Rawalpindi and probably
      the cemetery is on The Mall, although this is not confirmed. The reason for
      this request bis that I am the ex-son in law of the parents of Pam and they
      are presently residing in England but because of their age and fragility
      they are unable to conduct this search but they would be very happy to see a
      photograph of their daughter's grave before they pass on. A wish for two
      wonderful old people.





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