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63RE: Christian Cemeteries Pakistan Searching for a Grave

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  • P and J Lumley
    May 10, 2009
      Sorry not knnown
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      Dear Rita, I sincerely thank you for your mail and as I am sure you can imagine the initial task of finding a grave in Rawalpindi with, at the time, skant information that was probably jaded by time and memory was, I felt, quite daunting.  It is without any shred of a doubt that purely because of, as you say, Ali Khan, Dr. Ali Jan, Albert Godin, Susan Farrington and others the task was made so much easier and I am overwhelmed by their personal involvement and kindness.  Rita, as you quite rightly say, they are a group of very special people and on behalf of Doug and Margaret Gillot it gives me the utmost pleasure to say a heartfelt thank you. 
      Peter M. Hoyes   

      From: Mac and Rita MacDonald <macrita@xtra. co.nz>
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      Dear Peter

      I have been watching with great interest your request unfolding, and thrilled to learn that you found all the details you required, and that Margaret and Doug have the information about their daughter Pam, and probably by this time, a photograph of her grave.  This email is just to say thank goodness for lovely folk like Ali Khan, Dr. Ali Jan and Susan Farrington who are always ready to help people far and wide.  They found for me the deaths and gravestones of two of my great-granddaughter s who both died there in 1888  in Rawalpindi for which I was completely overwhelmed – bless them all.




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      Subject: Christian Cemeteries Pakistan Searching for a Grave


      I am looking for a photograph of the Grave of Pam or Pamela Gillot who was buried in 1959 in a cemetery that I believe is in Rawalpindi and probably the cemetery is on The Mall, although this is not confirmed. The reason for this request bis that I am the ex-son in law of the parents of Pam and they are presently residing in England but because of their age and fragility they are unable to conduct this search but they would be very happy to see a photograph of their daughter's grave before they pass on. A wish for two wonderful old people.

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