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Christianity challenges and solutions, Group name change?

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  • Brother Dave
    Dear Members, It s time to revive this group with more posts; so I will present one short post per day on present day Christianity problems and solutions.  
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 22, 2013
      Dear Members,

      It's time to revive this group with more posts; so I will present one short post per day on present day Christianity problems and solutions.  

      We are also considering a name change for our group to include more than just the Philosophy of Christianity.  Maybe Evolving Christianity, Old and New Christian Truths, Christianity Problems and Solutions, Christianity Questions and Answers. Any more name suggestions or comments? 

      The following is from the Fifth Epochal Revelation of Truth -- The Urantia Book -- which has no copyright and may be widely shared with others.


      4. The European Dark Ages

      Page-2074 "The church, being an adjunct to society and the ally of politics, was doomed to share in the intellectual and spiritual decline of the so-called European “dark ages.” During this time, religion became more and more monasticized, asceticized, and legalized. In a spiritual sense, Christianity was hibernating. Throughout this period there existed, alongside this slumbering and secularized religion, a continuous stream of mysticism, a fantastic spiritual experience bordering on unreality and philosophically akin to pantheism. [today, we have a rise in "New Age" "spiritualism" of all types as a revolt against church authority, and practices of immorality are increasing.]

      During these dark and despairing centuries, religion became virtually secondhanded again. The individual was almost lost before the overshadowing authority, tradition, and dictation of the church. A new spiritual menace arose in the creation of a galaxy of “saints” who were assumed to have special influence at the divine courts, and who, therefore, if effectively appealed to, would be able to intercede in man’s behalf before the Gods. [That abomination continues today in the so-called "Catholic Church".]

      Page-2075 But Christianity was sufficiently socialized and paganized that, while it was impotent to stay the oncoming dark ages, it was the better prepared to survive this long period of moral darkness and spiritual stagnation. And it did persist on through the long night of Western civilization and was still functioning as a moral influence in the world when the renaissance dawned. The rehabilitation of Christianity, following the passing of the dark ages, resulted in bringing into existence numerous sects of the Christian teachings, beliefs suited to special intellectual, emotional, and spiritual types of human personality. And many of these special Christian groups, or religious families, still persist at the time of the making of this presentation. [in A.D. 1935. Today, in A. D. 2013, there are far more Christian denominations and sects than before. It is estimated that there are now over 40,000 different ones; and the vast majority are a serious distortion of the real Teachings of Jesus ! But there is now greater hope in God's spiritual power for positive changes to promote enhanced personal God-consciousness everywhere !]

      Christianity exhibits a history of having originated out of the unintended transformation of the religion of Jesus into a religion about Jesus. It further presents the history of having experienced Hellenization, paganization, secularization, institutionalization, intellectual deterioration, spiritual decadence, moral hibernation, threatened extinction, later rejuvenation, fragmentation, and more recent [as of A.D. 1935] relative rehabilitation. Such a pedigree is indicative of inherent vitality and the possession of vast recuperative resources. And this same Christianity is now present in the civilized world of Occidental peoples and stands face to face with a struggle for existence which is even more ominous than those eventful crises which have characterized its past battles for dominance. [This Paper will cover this in great depth in the presentations here.]

      Religion is now confronted by the challenge of a new age of scientific minds and materialistic tendencies. In this gigantic struggle between the secular and the spiritual, the religion of Jesus will eventually triumph."

      Your comments and questions are invited.

      Peace and progress in Spirit and in Father-Son Truth,

      Brother Dave

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