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Competing theories of eschatology, end times, and millennialism

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  • Brother Dave
    Dear Members, Please check this informative web page on Competing theories of eschatology, end times, and millennialism
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 14, 2013
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      Dear Members,

      Please check this informative web page on

      "Competing theories of eschatology, end times, and millennialism"


      These competing theories from the Book of Revelation, Matthew ch 24, the Book of Daniel have caused serious divisions among many Christians !  Jesus Christ never taught "the end of the world" and certainly not about "God's wrath" and not about "hell and fire torture" for sinners !  God is love ! Jesus tells us to dare to love all humans and even to love all enemies !  God does ! Jesus does ! The Holy Spirit does ! Do you ?  (no, not hardly at all; but you and I have over one billion ever higher soul and then spiritual Heavens to learn to perfectly love to do this ! Then we will be, in maybe one trillion more years, all Spirit perfected and made Eternal Residents with God on infinite-sized eternally Perfect Paradise and within God !

      As a Jesusonian Christian Theologian and Evangelist for over 36 years to date, I do not believe in any "end times". So I am a non-millennialist or somewhat a post-millennialist. There are about twenty places in the Bible which state the truth that this world - the world of Jesus' Incarnation and full God-Man Attainment and Universe Sovereignty - abides forever in God's (Paradise Trinity) love, mercy and all-wise care.

      The doctrine that Jesus will return in the future to straighten things out denies the Truth that Jesus Christ is fully here in Spirit since A.D. 30 - on ! and He is flooding down his Glorious Father-Son of God Spirit of Truth Presence upon all humans !  Please read carefully John chapters 16 and 17 and others. Note well, John 16:7-16  When Jesus returns in Person and is made visible to more or all humans, none of his Eternal Saving Truth doctrines will change ! He will never over-ride human freewill !  There will be no sudden changes !  Jesus overcame all devils and fallen spirits here in A.D. 30 -on.  They have been stripped of all powers to influence humans since then.  Humans are very evil and sinful by their own, perverse freewill of false liberty and not the True Spiritual Liberty of seeking and doing God's will.

      The doctrine that Jesus will later return, subdue evil and sin, and then Reign for only 1000 years is blasphemy !  JESUS IS NOW AND ETERNALLY I AM here with us and within Truth-lovers and He has fully Ruled all of our large Universe as the FULLNESS OF GOD since his Ascension back into the Paradise Universal Father-Infinite I AM in A.D. 30 ! JESUS IS I AM here with us ! That Father-Son Union Spirit Truth burns in Eternal Spirit Glory within my eternal soul ...  Thank you our One Holy Father-Son-Spirit here with us ! Thank You our Good Master Jesus !

      The word "Armageddon" is found only one time -- and in the distorted, abridged, much edited "Book of Revelation."  That was a long battle between two nearly extinct human races in North Africa at Armageddon about 300,000 years ago. The orange race was almost totally destroyed, but the "winning " green race survived just slightly more. Today, in that area you will find some humans with pale olive green skin. When all humans mate and produce one blended human race; as Jesus said: "I am making of one race (one blood) all the races and nations of men."; there will then be one white race as we have today, but this blend will be taller, stronger and more intelligent and slightly more spiritually God-conscious. It has to do with dominate genes from the biologically uplifting Adam and Eve Sons of God sent down here 38,000 years ago to uplift the (now today) almost one million year old blended human race.

      The terrible human doctrine of a "Rapture" of only a few good humans is totally ungodly.  At physical death, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit will resurrect ALL humans to work on them towards potential eternal survival
      up on the next seven soul-level Mansion worlds made by Jesus for this purpose to allow humans -- who so desire same ! -- to be brought up to the normal spiritual fruit-bearing of the millions of, mostly older, human inhabited planets made by Jesus Christ.  We will be thankful, now or later, that we started out on this very immature, low-level world existence ! That will give us lasting benefits, and will allow us to perform on high as stronger, more trustworthy, Spirit Sons of God ! (types male nature or female nature Spirits are retained; and having spiritual Children is possible over a very long period of time and transcended time by "Trinitization" and other techniques.)

      On this, what do you now believe, think, know, etc. ?  Comments and questions invited.
      Peace and progress in Spirit and in Father-Son Truth,

      Brother Dave

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