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AW: [Christian-Philosophy] I don't understand the Garden of Eden

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  • Utnapistim Yilmaz
    Hi all, I just would like to remind you, that if you feel to be a creationist, you should take the bible word for word. The bible tells us, that God created
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      Hi all,


      I just would like to remind you, that if you feel to be a creationist, you should take the bible word for word. The bible tells us, that God created angels, and some angels rebelled against God. The Devil was a creation of God, and the Devil is always next to God in heaven. The Bible says that the fallen angels were cast to earth. I never read in the bible that the followers of the Devil are Satanist, or wica people, or new-agers. The bible also does not  name Scientology, or Jehovas Witnesses, or Mormons.

      And if you say that worshippers of the devil are all those, “who occasionally gives in to sin”….. That would mean that EVERYBODY is a worshipper of the devil, because all mankind sins many times per day.

      Maybe you feel that you are the only one that hardly ever sins – which is the meaning of “occasionally” …


      Question: I like the idea that Solomon was a black man – but where does the Bible tell us that?? The Queen of Saba was black, OK, so the son of Solomon and Saba would have been mulative. But if Solomon was black, then his father David must have been black too…. Hmm.



      BTW the Bible says  that 1000 years for men, is like one year for God. That is for instance the basis for the idea, that creation and God’s rest took 7000 years, because God created all. But it is also a creationist’s dump idea that the earth was created on 24. October 4004 BC.


      BTW the first created calendar was the Sumerian Nippur-calender – which by incident is identical with the jewish calendar.


      BTW a year is the time the world needs to resolve one turn around the sun. Whatever calendar you take in the past, per saldo they all use the 365,25 days per year. Only the method of counting time is different. Even if you count moon cycles, there is an amount of full moon cycles that fits in an full amount on earth years. All calenders had their additional days to stay in tune with an earth year.


      But if you feel to be creationist, then please ask yourself, what the Old Testament is ?   It is – more or less – the Jewish “Holy Scripture” – so please study the Tanakh – not the corrupted greek translation called Septuaginta. Not the corrupted latin translation of the corrupted greek translation called Vulgata. And NOT any of the even more corrupted translations of the Vulgata.


      That are some of my pennies to these mails





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      You people seem to think that I believe that Africans are lesser than us, I only said that the evolution hypothesis would indicate that. I do not believe in evolution. I believe that the devil only has four types of servants: demons, the posesed (possibly autistic), his worshipers (satanists, wikens, new-age-ers, etc.), and every one els who occasionally gives in to sin. I do not believe that the devil or his demons can apear as people when we are fully conscious (but you may convince me otherwise with good arguments).


      From: Cristina Caudill <ctinacaudill1978@...>
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      Subject: Re: [Christian-Philosophy] I don't understand the Garden of Eden



      If you study the Bible you would find that at the tower of Babel God separated n scattered humans for their arrogance in their power of numbers and so I believe that the different races came into play. 

      Now...the division came based on faith in God is my theory...some who worshipped falsley ...well...their nations were not exulted...and cannibalism n other curseworthy causes added to the seperation and differences in culture and races standing on evolution or mental powers ....however Jesus sais love one another...mortal man and mankind.  I believe they are different spiritually ...possibly...  He also sais don't put a stumbling block in front of a blindman as well don't harm lesser or inferior humans who capacities are not to be judged or weighed by man...one must be of noble and wise standing to do so.

      Also....the devil is smarter and a superior life form to humans and this brings me to wonder if some "smart" people are actually his servants....and I'm sure they are He also was the first innovative thinker aside from God and opposed his rule by choosing to do his own thing and think his own thoughts.  Just like the angels in Heaven...some were good and others evil.  Their intelligence has never been altered that I have read or deciphered in the Bible...however God's power exceeds all creation.

      So...not wise to judge people by their looks...Jesus was a great immortal King....born poor and with no castle army or luxury....not desirable to the eye.  Also...let us not forget...Solomon in the Bible ...was a blackman.  Don't sweat the small stuff so to speak...some receive the inheritance of the Kingdom...some don't.  All different races included.

      Something to pray for guidance and accurate knowledge on.....remember ..seek first the Kingdom of God and the rest shall be added unto you.

      Hope you are blessed and hope this makes sense to you....I have prayed for knowledge on the differences in races.  Take care!

      On Apr 11, 2013 10:55 PM, "Jacob Smith" <jpshurricane@...> wrote:


      God is above time, he is unaffected by it, because he created it. I would like you to find that part in the scriptures if you don't mind. The Bible sais that god created the earth in 6 days, when he sais that, I believe that time then was the same as it is now. There is also much evidence against evolution. Why would God want to make us in a process that is as slow and destructive as evolution? Those who have reason to support evolution have reason to equate humans with animals, after all, when would God have injected souls into us? Maybe Africans don't have souls since they wouldn't be as evolved as us if evolution is true (I may have tense disagreement here). I do agree that the only way evolution could be true is if it was governed by intelligence. I believe God would have told us if he created us that way, evolution originated as an alternative to the creation story, not in accompaniment with it.


      From: Moon John <BitsyCat1@...>
      To: Christian-Philosophy@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, April 2, 2013 8:53 AM
      Subject: Re: [Christian-Philosophy] I don't understand the Garden of Eden



      well now. How so? If t his was Gods plan for man,,,,,,,perhaps we had to learn, like the children of Israel had to learn in the desert.Our society had to become more Godlike

      If this is Gods plan how does it contradict the bible>


      God, does not see time as we do…….( YOu raise your eyebrows) But  to him a year is like 10,000( If you wish i can find that scripture to prove it)


      Our time is an invention of man,The day, The week, The hour, The minutes the months.IN different times they were al different measurements


      We tend to forget that not even the MOnths were the same in ancient times, The calendar had not been invented

      Years, may not even h ave been the same, One long season in a new region might have lasted more than a year

      or far less according to he changing of seasons,


      Basicaly its all guess work,But one cannot project our modern day beliefs that things had to be as they are now,,,INcluding how men looked in the past.

      Even today man varies widely  in appearance,,,,,and yet small or large hairy or hairless they are all men


      Species come and go some live some die,,IN the amazon it is said that 20 species of animals a year are wiped out while others appear new( Apparently new ) Since usually they can trace where they came from,

      But the truth is we have not yet discovered everything in rain forests and belts and jungles.


      now you may be right that certain theories may strain belief,,,,,,,,but generally these theories merely refer to migration. The out of africa theory has has some holes punch din it recently,THats why they call them theories


      But if you examine them closely they do not include creation. Only MIGRATION of ancestors


      So im not clear how migration theories violate the bible,

      Now maybe you refer to the proposal of how man looked,

      I think thats probably irrelevant. MAn varies in appearance so much even today . I think appearance is just that



      Appearance des not mean the spirit the Spark of Gods creation is not in a man or ancestor.


      perhaps the idea is merely unappealing,,,,,,,,?


      But that does not make it in error, Still its only a theory and may or may not be correct




      On Apr 1, 2013, at 5:09 PM, Jacob Smith <jpshurricane@...> wrote:

      I don't believe in evolution; it contradicts the Bible.




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    • Peter Silverstone
      People keep confusing between Old Testament, and New Testament. Some claim that Old Testament is not correct and New testament is correct. Greater confusion is
      Message 87 of 87 , Jul 24, 2014
        People keep confusing between Old Testament, and New Testament. Some claim that Old Testament is not correct and New testament is correct. Greater confusion is brought by the fact that there are people who deliberately want to mislead others.

        Focus should be on this:-
        Why is the God of Old Testament so violent, and of the New Testament so meek?
        who is Jesus, and why does he appear so humble when his Father, Yahweh, appear so violent?

        The clue is in Zechariah

        God says,
        “The word of Yahweh about Israel. It is I, Yahweh, who speaks, who spread the heaven, and founded the earth, and formed the Spirit of Man, within him.” Zechariah 12:1-2 

        So, what kind of Spirit is Man?

        We read again, from the bible

        ‘Let us make Man, in our own image, in the likeness of ourselves, and let them be masters of the fish of the sea, the birds of heaven, the cattle, all the wild beasts, and all the reptiles that crawl upon the earth’ God created man, in the image of himself, and in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them. “Genesis 1:26-29.  

        So, from the bible we learn that Man has a Spirit, which is the Image and likeness of God! This, is the Spirit of Man!

        Who is Jesus?
        We read again from the Bible
        “I tell you most solemnly, the hour will come-in fact, it is here already-when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God, and all who hear it, will live. For the Father, who is the source of Life, has made the Son, the source of life, and because he is the Son of Man, has appointed him, supreme judge." John 5:26-28.  

        Jesus therefore is the Son of God (The Spirit of God) and also the Son of Man (The Spirit of Man)

        Yahweh, therefore, is the Spirit of God before He knew Himself as Man, and the Spirit of Man, before He knew himself as the Image of God.
        Christ, therefore, is ow the True Image of God and Man. And he does what he sees his Father, Man and God doing. He holds the keys, to life

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