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21128Re: [Christian-Philosophy] Do you now evangelize your faith beliefs?

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  • Peter Silverstone
    Dec 18 9:12 PM
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      [Hi Peter, I just found this today to post. Sorry I missed it. BroDave]

      Ok. Bro Dave, you want the Truth? But can you handle the Truth? I have tried many times to share what I know with people, but mostly, you find that most of us, have over the years entertained certain dogmas, doctrines, theories, and presumptions. These become the point of focus of the reality. Beings subjective concepts, and the structures with which we interpret the reality, any threat to these concepts, ideas, of presumptions become a threat to our very selves, and our world.

      That’s why, any person who comes to us with a different view of reality is immediately treated with hostility. See what happened to the Christ? See what happened to Socrates? See what happened to Galileo? That’s why, Arthur Schopenhauer,quip that there are stages that any truth passes before its accepted.He said that “ Every truth, passes through three stages before its recognized. In the first, its ridiculed. In the second, its opposed. And in the third, its regarded as self-evident”

      As for yourself, you belief in the Urantia Book. Another believes in the Quran, another beliefs in the Bible. How can Truth be known, if at all people are not willing to leave the shores of the island, and embrace the notion that Truth may be more than they belief?
      As for me, I left my shores. I decided to follow Socrates, and question everything, including my own beliefs. I avoided the Church for more than seven years, and went into the wilderness of the unknown, to try and understand.

      In the end, after going through volumes and volumes of books, I kind of figured in out on my own, and I was pleased with what I found. But I know, that it next to impossible to convince anybody, unless he is a nonconformist.
      Truth, Dave, is incredible!

      From: Brother Dave
      To: "christian-philosophy@yahoogroups.com" ; "UB_Study_Group@yahoogroups.com" ; Universalist Group
      Sent: Thursday, December 19, 2013 2:12 AM
      Subject: [Christian-Philosophy] Do you now evangelize your faith beliefs?

      Dear Members,�

      Here is a Barna Group research on who evangelizes and how much. �It is short and easy to read.

      How much and how often do you evangelize?

      Personally I share the Good News of Jesus and his true Gospel very many times per day in many ways over the last 35 plus years to date. � My web links below show some of them.�

      A Greek philosopher and strong believer in Jesus Christ once said that if you have a true religion, you will always want to share those truths with others; otherwise you have a false or dying religion. �Is that correct in your view, or is that too harsh, or what?

      Now that our Christian concert band just played its last Fall season concert and is on a two month or more Winter break, I will have more time to share in thses groups. �More Topical Studies to soon follow.�

      If you have any truths to share, please post them here; to help us all learn and share as perfecting student-teacher sons of God in Jesus and in Spirit !

      Peace and progress in Spirit and in Father-Son Truth,

      Brother Dave

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