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21102Re: Interesting article on increasing disbelief in the Bible

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  • David Smith
    Sep 18, 2013
      A lot of the problems come from people not "trusting" (for better word) in the church. There has been so many changes and downfalls to the church in the last 25 years, that people aren't sure what to believe anymore. God gives us the answers to a lot of our questions just by reading the bible.
      The church NEEDS the bible. The bible does not NEED the church.
      I am not trying to rant here. But, this is the first thing that came to my mind when reading that article. I recently began reading the bible daily (a chapter of Old Testament, some of the gospel, and maybe a psalm or two). It is absolutely amazing the information you can find, when you are looking for it yourself.  People have to learn to get into the routine of reading the bible, and THEN going out and finding a church with people that have the same beliefs as they do. Most people are doing this the other way. Sort of like joining a chess club, before ever having played a game. It can be done. But, it seems like a lot of unnecessary work.
      Also, courses in apologetics would be very beneficial to believers nowadays. Atheists are very proud when they argue their points, and they are in the majority. It is almost looked upon as naiviety when you tell someone that you believe in the word of God, and that Jesus is your saviour. They look remorseful at you. This is the time to - not change their minds (that takes time) - but, atleast make them question what they believe. Apologetics would be very beneficial here!
      My quick views. Look to read others comments.
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