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21094Re: [Christian-Philosophy] problem with evil

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  • Brother Dave
    Aug 22, 2013

      From: Cristina Caudill <ctinacaudill1978@...>
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      Sent: Friday, August 16, 2013 11:19 PM
      Subject: Re: [Christian-Philosophy] problem with evil

      Hi Christina and all,

      Sorry for my late reply.  My new comments are interspersed in blue within your post in black.

      > I disagree....the first 2 humans..Adam and Eve were perfectly made inferior creatures to the angels and of course God.  
      No humans on earth were made perfect in body or mind or soul. That is proved by God stating: "Be you perfect; even as I AM perfect." That strongly implies that we all start our less than perfect here.  Also: "All have sinned (except our God-Man Jesus Christ) and have fallen short of the Glory of God."  The first human male and female, with God-created souls were Andon and Fonta, who lived on earth almost one million years ago.  Then, about 960,000 years later, around 38,000 years ago, Jesus Christ made and sent down to earth superior (but still not yet perfect) Material Sons of God
      named Adam and Eve, to procreate one million of their kind and then go out and mate with selected humans to biologically uplift primitive mankind to so-called modern mankind.  
      > God...being perfect...only has lesser creations not equal to himself so the math is against us from the start..
      God the Universal Father on all-perfect, Eternal Paradise has two co-equal and all-perfect Persons with Him: God the Eternal Son and God the Infinite Spirit. All Beings on infinite sized Paradise are made eternally all perfect or are all-perfected before being eternally admitted into Paradise.  We humans start out as the lowest level of all the Sons of God; and our Universe Creator Father-Son of God Jesus Christ will lovingly, mercifully and perfectly Guide us humans up through many progressively higher soul-level and then Spirit-level Heavens for possibly one trillion years until we are all-perfected in Spirit and then qualified to be eternally Resident with God on Paradise and with his fully perfect Family of God there ! What a Glorious, Sacred Final Destiny we will have !  
      > the Bible tells us what to do to be solid in the Lord...even how to work eat sleep pray walk talk think act react etc
      Jesus loves and trusts us to have true spiritual liberty - it doesn't matter what we eat - meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains etc. Jesus did away with the false Jewish Kosher food rules. How we walk and sleep is also not very important. I might want to ride a bike or use snowshoes, etc.  I can sleep well under many different conditions. God has given each human everywhere an absolutely unique and forever unchanging personality (I am a son of I AM) which is without duplicate in both time and in all Eternity.  So each thought, prayer, reflection, Communion with God will be refreshingly unique between God and each of us. 
      Here is what God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit each and all desire that we strive to progressively achieve:  
      The Urantia Book Page-2054 [Jesus Christ, shortly after he resurrected himself (as he said) and before he ascended back to God the Father on Paradise, said:]  "And the fruits of the divine spirit which are yielded in the lives of spirit-born and God-knowing mortals are: loving service, unselfish devotion, courageous loyalty, sincere fairness, enlightened honesty, undying hope, confiding trust, merciful ministry, unfailing goodness, forgiving tolerance, and enduring peace." [no copyright, freely share]  
      > ....however...satan...being superior as an ex angel... blinds the minds and tricks and waits to strike when your weak and can even possess a body and spirit if it becomes weak in faith. He lies and if u believe he can't touch and test you...you may be evil already and not know it....or perhaps a saint undefiled...that's a master evil craftsman at work.  Even the apostle Paul was deceived to do his will and torture Christians until Jesus stopped him.   Job was harrassed and tested...and only Jesus...God's favorite and first son could resist him at his weakest point.  Man...not close enough to God....slayed the innocent gentle lamb and tortured him for loving humans.  Self destruction if you think about it...he came here for them.  They rejected him and hated him.  As the world does to many Christians. 
      The Bible clearly states that "All (Spirit) Power is of God" and "There is no (Spirit) Power but of God".  Jesus states in and as God to us and here in Spirit with us:  "I AM the True Light (of/as God) Who Shines and the darkness is not !"  Please read, pray and believe these true statements in the Bible. Also the very important words of Jesus in John 12:31-32 and John 16:11 and others.  Jesus removed all powers from all of his very junior, formerly minor administrator Sons of God Lucifer; and lower, his assistant Satan; and lower, the former, fallen, now deposed planetary prince.  Many humans on earth today are still willingly do terrible evils on their own, and thus are sinners.  "The devil(s) made me do it" is just an irresponsible cop-out that does not remove human sins, or worse any iniquities ! Sadly, the backward Catholic church even today has two or more "official priests" who run around doing "exorcisms" ! There are exorcising priests now in prison in Europe for murdering innocent children and adults with their ungodly torture of humans to "drive the devils out of them !" What a shame !  But not for much longer ! God is bringing perfect, Divine loving and merciful judgment on all of these barbaric church practices ! Will they survive? Not much longer if they don't rapidly reform their ways.  Jesus states that calling any human on earth "spiritual Father" is a sin. Worship of humans (mary, saints) is also a terrible sin ! In Jesus, we are directly connected to God with no mere human intermediaries in the Heavens or on earth !  "Priesthood of all believers !" 
      Very slowly do humans change their barbaric religious practices ! But God the Universal Father on Paradise and Omnipresent loves all humans and desires to save them in and as our one Sovereign Universe Creator and Savior Who is Jesus Christ !  Amen !
      Peace and progress in Spirit and in Father-Son Truth,

      Brother Dave

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