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  • Abelino Ramirez
    Aug 18, 2013
      "I disagree....the first 2 humans..Adam and Eve were perfectly made inferior
      > creatures to the angels and of course God".
      We are saying the same thing being that intelligence made them as gods, lesser gods.
      That is consistent with the jest of the story.
      The expulsion from the Garden is the same as death.
      From that is what Jesus came to restore as the tree of life.
      Not any of our works merit our own salvation, only Jesus' works do.
      Being good, has nothing to do with it.
      Evil potential will always be present in all of us being subjected to vanity without our will.
      As lesser gods, we are subject to failure because of it.
      But at the same time, victorious in Jesus.
      Blessings, AJ

      On Sat, Aug 17, 2013 at 11:33 PM, AJ R <look3467@...> wrote:

      The problem with evil is that Adam and Eve were innocent as babies until they gained knowledge to know good and evil.

      At that point, the separation/death between God and man transpires because Adam and Eve became as gods. Lower case g.

      Our ability, after we've gained knowledge of what is good and what is not, we become as gods of our own desires.

      And that is the problem of evil, resident potential in all of us.

      Blessings, AJ

      --- In Christian-Philosophy@yahoogroups.com, Cristina Caudill <ctinacaudill1978@...> wrote:
      > I disagree....the first 2 humans..Adam and Eve were perfectly made inferior
      > creatures to the angels and of course God. God...being perfect...only has
      > lesser creations not equal to himself so the math is against us from the
      > start..the Bible tells us what to do to be solid in the Lord...even how to
      > work eat sleep pray walk talk think act react
      > etc....however...satan...being superior as an ex angel... blinds the minds
      > and tricks and waits to strike when your weak and can even possess a body
      > and spirit if it becomes weak in faith. He lies and if u believe he can't
      > touch and test you...you may be evil already and not know it....or perhaps
      > a saint undefiled...that's a master evil craftsman at work. Even the
      > apostle Paul was deceived to do his will and torture Christians until Jesus
      > stopped him. Job was harrassed and tested...and only Jesus...God's
      > favorite and first son could resist him at his weakest point. Man...not
      > close enough to God....slayed the innocent gentle lamb and tortured him for
      > loving humans. Self destruction if you think about it...he came here for
      > them. They rejected him and hated him. As the world does to many
      > Christians.
      > On Aug 16, 2013 11:55 PM, "Brother Dave" <truthist@...> wrote:

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