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21084Re: [Christian-Philosophy] Re: problem with evil

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  • Bill Cunningham
    Aug 18, 2013
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      It was bound to happen and if not in God's plan. It will all be made to the
      good. God has that way of working around things.

      RalphM wrote:
      > The devil told them they would become as God....they weren't gods but
      > only humans...they got lied to....don't fall for the lies of the
      > devil.
      > --- In Christian-Philosophy@yahoogroups.com, "AJ R" <look3467@...>
      > wrote:
      >> The problem with evil is that Adam and Eve were innocent as babies
      >> until they gained knowledge to know good and evil.
      >> At that point, the separation/death between God and man transpires
      >> because Adam and Eve became as gods. Lower case g.
      >> Our ability, after we've gained knowledge of what is good and what
      >> is not, we become as gods of our own desires.
      >> And that is the problem of evil, resident potential in all of us.
      >> Blessings, AJ
      >> --- In Christian-Philosophy@yahoogroups.com, Cristina Caudill
      >> <ctinacaudill1978@> wrote:
      >>> I disagree....the first 2 humans..Adam and Eve were perfectly made
      >>> inferior creatures to the angels and of course God. God...being
      >>> perfect...only has lesser creations not equal to himself so the
      >>> math is against us from the start..the Bible tells us what to do to
      >>> be solid in the Lord...even how to work eat sleep pray walk talk
      >>> think act react etc....however...satan...being superior as an ex
      >>> angel... blinds the minds and tricks and waits to strike when your
      >>> weak and can even possess a body and spirit if it becomes weak in
      >>> faith. He lies and if u believe he can't touch and test you...you
      >>> may be evil already and not know it....or perhaps a saint
      >>> undefiled...that's a master evil craftsman at work. Even the
      >>> apostle Paul was deceived to do his will and torture Christians
      >>> until Jesus stopped him. Job was harrassed and tested...and only
      >>> Jesus...God's favorite and first son could resist him at his
      >>> weakest point. Man...not close enough to God....slayed the
      >>> innocent gentle lamb and tortured him for loving humans. Self
      >>> destruction if you think about it...he came here for them. They
      >>> rejected him and hated him. As the world does to many Christians.
      >>> On Aug 16, 2013 11:55 PM, "Brother Dave" <truthist@> wrote:
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