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  • Mr. Kidd
    Jul 7, 2013
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      Roar for the poor!
      Then roar some more!

      We need to use our taxpaying power to protest the violation of rights by "law" in different areas of government. We are a team that has to insure that the leadership is representing our interests. We have to join forces to oppose the elitism that seeks to set us in a perpetual life and death struggle against each other for their unending profit.

      Any enterprise that has been set up to never lose, is not worth the support that had been given to it on paper.

      Disney stars – Circle of Life
      Some say, eat or be eaten.
      Some say, live and let live.
      But all are agreed
      as they join the stampede.
      You should never take more than you give.

      We need to roar for the poor; sing for goodness and joy; and celebrate our youth for truth. Hold your hand up high to testify. We believe that we need to proceed to achieve justice together for the goodness of living.

      Steve K.