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Shattering Holding's Anti-Mythicist book

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  • freethinkaluva
    Shattering Holding s Anti-Mythicist book, Shattering the Christ myth JP Holding served also as editor. He had others write some chapters for him. Acharya S
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2008
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      Shattering Holding's Anti-Mythicist book, "Shattering the Christ myth"

      JP Holding served also as editor. He had others write some chapters
      for him.

      Acharya S is mentioned 38 times throughout this book. She's mentioned
      in the foreword written by Mike Licona. There's a 5 page "profile" in
      ch 19 (252) which is a copy/paste job of Licona's review of "Christ
      Conspiracy" and Acharya's responses from 2001 along with some extra
      commentary. Ch 22 (292) is the Zeitgeist section with 50 pages. And
      ch 26 (375) is where the old Dr. Price review of "Christ Conspiracy"
      is mentioned even though it has been removed as he no longer stands by
      it and hasn't for several years now.

      Most of it has already been refuted long ago and has been in the
      F.A.Q. http://forums.truthbeknown.com/viewtopic.php?t=1149&start=0

      and "Preventing Truth Decay responds"

      Here are Acharya citations I found to save you the time (FN = footnotes).

      * Acharya is mentioned in the foreword by Licona

      * ch 14. 201, 3, 6, 7, 8 FN's #16, #21, #24

      * ch 15. 221 FN #1

      * ch 16. 223 Egypt section

      * ch 18. 243 Beddru FN #11

      * ch 19. 252 "Acharya S" section = 5 pages which are a copy/paste job
      of Licona and Acharya responses from 2001. FN citations = 8

      * ch 22. (by Jonathan Brown) 292 Zeitgeist section = 50 pages, FN
      citations = 20

      * ch 26. Dr. Price section - Acharya 375 and FN #10

      She is mentioned 150 times at Holdings Tekton (Also means Freemason in
      modern Greek) website. She only felt the need to write one response
      article for Licona and one for Holding which still suffices.

      First of all, you should be made aware that JP Holding has no
      qualifications whatsoever in any Biblical field, he knows no Biblical
      languages, and has no relevant training, yet has the temerity to
      presume that his OPINION is enough, and that his personal FAITH is all
      that he needs, to offer a vicious and vitriolic critique of credible
      credentialed scholars who are trained in this area of expertise. JP
      Holding has no training in comparative religion. No training in
      mythology. No training in archaeoastronomy. No training in
      astrotheology. Nothing relevant.

      So, don't take my word for it...see it for yourself.


      'James Patrick Holding, the Want-to-Be Apologist'

      JP Holding Exposed

      'Dishonesty by Robert Turkel (J.P. Holding)'

      A Reply to J. P. Holding

      "Writing James P Holding Off!"

      "Prove Jesus Existed, Please!"

      James Patrick Holding: Another Apostate With Selective Education

      Do a google for JP Holding and his alt. "Sheila Rangslinger" -

      "DISCLOSURE FROM ADMIN: "Sheila Rangslinger" was discovered to be a
      sock puppet identity created by J.P. Holding. Any statements about
      J.P. Holding in this post were written by J.P. Holding himself."

      Second, the book contains no index so it is very inconvenient for use
      as any sort of reference guide. One has to skim the whole book and/or
      search the footnote citations at the end of each chapter in hopes of
      finding whatever one may be looking for. One would think Holding, a
      former prison librarian with a Masters in library science would've
      thought of an index. He never does say why he had that prison library
      job - was he in prison? He won't say.

      This book will appeal to those who are to lazy to do their own serious
      research but I'm sure the outdated/already refuted arguments will
      still be used in attempts to shore-up the Christian faith, regardless.

      Why pay for this book when everything is already available online in
      forums? It is essentially a copy/paste re-cap of internet discussions
      over the last 8 years. The arguments remain unchanged and predictable.

      I remain unconvinced by the anti-mythicist arguments. After 2,000
      years Christians still can't provide convincing evidence for a
      historical Jesus. But thanks for advertising the mythicist
      perspective, although poorly presented. This book may best be
      utilized as inadvertently demonstrating that the anti-mythicist cult
      still have a lot to learn about the history of disbelief and mythology.

      With a nod to Historian Stephen Henry Roberts 1901-71, I say:

      I maintain that we are both mythicists. You simply take the Jesus
      myth literally. When you understand why you dismiss all other
      possible Gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.


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