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discerning global consciousness Re: [BLEEP] Re: true messiah's Super-Economy of planetwide healing ...

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  • millennium
    aye, David, we are [the] happening ... ~now~ Millennium -- On Sun, 2/1/09, David wrote: Actually I find it quite interesting. Both the light and the
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      aye, David,

      'we' are [the] happening ...




      -- On Sun, 2/1/09, David <dfbear> wrote:

      Actually I find it quite interesting. Both the light and the dark
      sides are talking about globalization, world government, and
      universality. One for control, the other for unity. Some of the light
      side falls a little gray by engaging the wrong agenda but in a way,
      they are each using each other to move it forward. It couldn't be any
      other way.

      In a larger sense though, personal and corporate agendas play only to
      the illusion of control. They may be moving their pieces around the
      chess board but really it all has little to do with what is actually
      going on. Most of them are lost in their stories and agendas,
      oblivious to the deeper fact that they are all pawns themselves.

      The movement and awakening of consciousness is inexorable and
      unstoppable. The precise forms and difficulties this may draw may
      depend on how we're responding to this deeper play, but these are
      simply transitional effects of not seeing it yet.

      While the old falls apart it can seem to be disturbing and bad. But
      without that, where is there a place for wholeness? The fractured and
      shattered forms must be washed away. When we are empty, then fullness
      will rush in and fill us to overflowing. Sorrow will end. And the ones
      who did not see will be awestruck, wondering what happened.

      But that's OK. Because it's happening. Now.


      -- On Sun, 2/1/09, millennium <yonibluestar@...> wrote:

      not sure who wrote this propaganda piece at 'WiserEarth', about 'Global Governance' by the global banksters... the world corporate state secret government.

      World in your hand by mick y.

      politically- correct news-speaking helps no one! news-speak is written to dumb-down the public into further consumer violence. it only furthers the status quo of violence against women and children, the genocide against the indigenous peoples, the disempowered slavery of all the people of the world, our continued murder of our Mother Earth.

      only in empowering [protecting! ] every individual, only by ending the violence of the corporate state and nations states, and all guilds, law, churches and organizations -- against individuals -- against cultures -- against life -- only then can be have global decisionmaking and a global economy which grows (because the violence is ended).

      only then -- when we speak the truth, end secret government, empower every individual -- only then can we heal our Mother Earth ... our Mother Earth, the divine Gaia of living rainforests and living ocean, who is 95-98 percent eradicated at this time.

      we know the numbers, we know the (world-cultural- war) reasons!

      we can admit the truth of our hypocrisy, our immorality, our dishonoring of people and planet ... and forgive ourselves and every-one ... and thus further this dialog every-day in which we can evolve, refine, enlighten, grow and shine ... together.

      we are the returned Divine Feminine, the Maitreyah, true Messiah -- Adi Shakti, Maahdi, Maschiak -- Global heart, mind, body of all knowing and all power.

      WE have arrived, awakened!

      I am furthering the daily dialog on this subject, of Global Consciousness, Global Decisionmaking, the Super-Economy of Planetwide Healing, RePlaneting Our Mother Earth, at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ElectroParliamentSoverAnia

      with and for all our sacred relations,

      Millennium Twain

      father of the US/International Space Station (fraud)
      publisher of the Structure of the Atomic Nucleus


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