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mt Brwon heritage that ties in with John Ross

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    I will work in the rest later on DESCENDANCY OF THE BROWN LINE 1 Chief Amatoya Moytoy of Chota, Moytoy I, or Moytoy the Elder b ca 1635-45 +Quatsy of Tellico,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 20, 1999
      I will work in the rest later on


      1>Chief Amatoya Moytoy of Chota, Moytoy I, or Moytoy the Elder b ca 1635-45
      +Quatsy of Tellico, of the Wolf Clan.
      2>Daughter called "Nancy"
      + White Owl Raven, an Algonquin.
      3>Principal chief and peace chief ATTAKULLAKULLA/Attacullaculla;
      name Onacona White Owl Attakullakulla Leaning Wood; from
      fron ata, meaning wood, and galkalu meaninn something ofr
      leaning. Called the Little Carpenter by the British because he
      was small
      in stature, but astute in negotiating treaties to benefit his
      people, born
      1695 in Seviers Island, Tennessee, and died 1797 in Nachestown,
      North Carolina [now Tennessee}. Other names by which he is known
      Tathtowe, Tiftowe, Clogoittah, Chunconnunta, U Ukwaneequa,
      Oukahakah, Oukounaka, Ouconaco, Ookoonaka, Ookooneka,
      Truconita, Chugonanta Tommy, Chugonanta, Tommy of Tenase,
      Occounaco the White Owl, Chukenata Warrior, Ookansaka, and
      Little Cornplanter. There may be others.
      +Nionne Ollie of the Paint Clan [his cousin] daughter of
      4>Colonah, the Raven of Chota No.3 [of the Paint caln].
      4>Chief Ooskiah Oskuah, Old Abraham of Chillowe/Chilhowie.
      4>Ookoonaka Nahoola Ookogusdi, Little White Owl [killed in
      4>Turtle at home
      4>Occunna Ocuma the Badger
      4>Ollie No. 2 of the Paint Clan
      +Little Tassel, son of Chief Old Tassel.
      We will come back to this marriage later.
      4>War chief Tai-ya-gansi-ni [he is] Dragging [the] Canoe,
      Great Warrior Chuconsene, the Savage Napoleon, born ca
      died 1 March 1792, Looktown, Tennessee.
      +U-ga-lo-gv Leaf, Nelly Parhkiller, daughter of Chief
      5>Crying Snake
      5>Little [dragging] Canoe, young Dragging Canoe
      5>Little Owl Canoe
      5>Nakey/Naky Sarah Canoe born circa 1752
      +Alexander Brown Sr. [No.2] Son of Alexander
      No.1, son of
      John I.
      6>Saynee/Sayney/Sawney Alexander Brown Jr. born
      Calhoun County, Georgia, died 13 September
      Polk County, Missouri,
      +On 20 February 1797, Violet Barton, born
      circa 1777,
      daughter of Burrell Eagle Barton and
      Quaikee Qunaity
      7>Thomas Brown 1797 to 13 September 1842,
      Polk County, Missouri
      +Mary Polly Turner
      7>Sarah Brown b 1892 Bedford County,
      Virginia, died
      County, Virginia
      +First: Elijah Hambelton on 4 January
      8>Isiah Brown Hambleton 21 October
      1820 Christian
      County, Kentuckey to 9 December
      1877, Polk
      County,. Missouri
      +Martha Maxie
      9>Elijah Green Hambelton 17
      November 1842 to

      25 June 1911, MO.
      +Nancy Marcella Joanna
      Harrelson on
      30 May 1878, Missouri
      10>George Washington
      Hambelton 5 April 1897
      10>Martha Elizabeth
      Hambelton 16 January,

      10>Isiah Harralson
      Hambelton 24 July 1885
      +Ada Virginia Cook
      10>Elijah Columbus "Lum"
      Hambelton 3 August

      10>Ebbon Sylvester
      Hambelton 9 June 1894
      9>Nancy Jane Hambelton 1
      January 1844
      9>James Nathan Hambelton 24
      November 1845
      9>Sarah Elizabeth Hambelton 4
      May 1847
      9>Mary Villety Hambelton 25
      Fevruary 1850
      9>Martha Dove Hambelton II, 1851
      9>William Zacharian Hambelton
      9>Josephine B. Hambelton 16
      November 1857
      9>John Wesley Hambelton 8
      September 1859
      9>Isiah Walker Hambelton 1962
      9>Cidney C. Hambelton 8
      September 1864
      8>Martha Dove Hambelton I, 21
      October 1820,
      Christian County, Kentuckey, to
      9 December 1900,

      Polk County, Missouri
      +Vincent Harralson
      8>Mary Jane Hambelton 25 November
      8>James A. Hambelton 9 May 1828
      8>Vilette K. Hambelton 9 March 1830
      8>Zachariah S. Hambelton 6 June 1832
      8>Sarah Elvina Hambelton 29 July 1834
      7>Sarah Brown
      +Second; Isaac Isaiah "Izar" Fields d
      Grayson County,

      8>George William Fields
      +Rosa Fender
      7>Susan Brown b 1818 Virginia
      +Moses Proctor on 15 April 1837, son
      of James Proctor
      and Catherine Swadley.
      8>Mary A. Proctor 1839
      8>James H. Proctor 1841
      8> Z. Proctor 1842
      8>Lavanda Proctor 1842
      8>Daniel Proctor 1847
      8>Thomas F. Proctor 1849
      8>Hiram Proctor Sr. 1844, Polk
      County, Missouri
      +On 14 April 1866, in Jefferson
      County, Kansas,
      Amanda Dungan b 1845 Kentuckey,
      daughter of
      John Dungan and Mary Bishop
      9>Martha Jane Proctor 1866
      +William Porter
      10>Delpha May Porter 3
      February 1902,
      Fort Scott, Kansas to 6
      March 1980, Ft. Scott
      +On 26 January 1925 in
      Fort Scott
      Charles William Atha
      11>Dolly May Atha 12
      June 1930 Ft. Scott
      +On 27 September
      1948, Mound City,
      Kansas, Carl
      Oscar McCulley, son of
      Carl McCulley and
      Isabell Runyan.
      12>Connie Sue
      McCulley 30 Mapri 1956

      Fort Scott
      +First; on 7
      May 1979, Gary Webster,
      son of
      Calvin Webster and

      Edna Stevens.
      Leah Webster
      Joel Webster
      +Second: on 21
      December 1991 in
      Kansas, Danny King, son of
      Edwin King
      and Ottis Wolf.
      Nicole King
      12>Linden Eugene
      +on 30
      Jaunary 1982,Chanute. KA
      Stevens, daughter of
      Marie Perkins
      Thomas McCulley
      11>Norman Atha
      +on 20 August
      1955 Grace Fletcher
      12>Sherry Lee
      Atha 1956, Wichita, KA
      Roney 1957 Mulvane, KA
      10>Thelma Welsh Atha 8
      October 1919 to
      Independence, Missouri
      +Harold Thurman
      11>Daniel Thurman
      10>Ernest Porter 14
      October 1897
      10>Clyde William Porter
      13 December 1907
      10>Alpha Ada Porter 17
      Spetember 1801
      +On 27 November 1910
      Fort Scott
      Orval Crane
      8>George Frank Proctor 8 March
      +On 13 September 1902 in
      Newkirk, Oklahoma,
      Clara Rich, daughter of Jason
      Rich and

      Mary Spray.
      9>James William Proctor
      9>Clyde E. Proctor
      8>William Joseph Proctor
      +Anna Elizabeth Rich
      9>Arthur William Proctor 9
      September 1896
      8>Mary Elizabeth Proctor 1871
      8>Henry Robert Proctor 29 April
      8>Margaret Kathleen "Maggie"
      Proctor 1879-80
      8>Harvey Roy Proctor 22 April
      1882, Jefferson

      County, Kansas
      8>Hiram Proctor Jr. 1882
      8>Janes Alexander Arthur Proctor
      17 December 1872

      Jefferson County, Kansas
      +Nora A. Jestus
      9>Oliver Earl Proctor 1899-1911
      Fort Scott
      9>Leona Pearl Proctor 18
      October 1901 to
      1 September 1978 Mound
      City, Kansas
      9>Viola M. Proctor 1903 to 3
      August 1989,

      Whittier, California
      9>Jessie Augusta Proctor 9
      October 1907 to
      13 October 1961 Santa
      Paula, California
      9>Merle Proctor 22 December 1909
      9>Lawrence Edward Proctor 25
      June 1913 to
      4 August 1982
      Lenexa, Kansas
      9>Pauline Wilma Proctor 7 July
      1817 to
      11 February 1986 Ventura,
      9>Dorothy Birdy Proctor 30 May
      1919, died

      Santa Paula, California
      7>Annie Brown b 1798 Bedford County,
      +Robert Pace
      7>Elizabeth Brown
      +on 25 July 1839, Hugh Ruth
      7>Dicey Brown b 16 April 1808 Bedford
      County, Virginia,
      d 30 May 1890 Polk County, Missouri
      +Daniel Fender
      7>Isham Brown b 1810 Bedford County,
      Virginia, died
      1864 Allen
      County, Kansas
      +Matilda Tindall
      7>Zachariah Brown b 1812 Virginia
      7>Chief John Burrell Brown [John Brown III]
      John Henry Brown, John Greenleaf Brown,
      "Big Eye",
      born 1814 Virgina
      +1> Elizabeth _____________
      +4>Rachel Ore


      1>John Brown I, or Sr. c ca 1755 Creekpath, Alabama d 24 September 1861 in
      Oklahoma. Joined Dwight Mission Church, Sallisaw, Oklahoma,
      on 4 September
      +First; Dolly Dean
      +Second: Lucinda Benge b ca 1760-62 d 9 Paril 1774, daughter of Bob Benge

      and Wurteh.
      +Third:Sarah Webber joined Church same day as John I.
      2>Lt. Co. Richard Brown b ca 1776 Creekpath, Ala, d ca 1817 Ala.
      2>Maj. James Brown b ca 1785 Ala.
      +Ailsey No.4, daughter of Tarchee the Long Warrior of Tellico, and

      Ailsey No.3
      2>Capt, John Brown II b ca 1785 d ca 1838 Ala.
      2>Sgt, William Brown b ca 1788 Ala. d ca 1820 Ala.
      2>Polly Brown b ca 1795 Ala, d ca 1855
      +Alexander Gilbreath ca 1820
      2>Catherine Brown b ca 1800 Ala d 18 July 1823
      2>David Brown b ca 1802 Ala, d ca 1829 Ala.
      +Rachel Lowery b ca 1825, doughter of chief George John Lowery.
      2>Alexander Brown I b ca 1790 Ala d ca 1840 Ala.
      +Quatie Conrad daughter of Kah-noo-gah Whoganetta Young Wolf
      and Tsah-wah-yo-kak Jennie
      3>Alexander Brown II, or Sr.
      +Naky Sarah Canoe, daughter of Dragging Canoe


      BEFORE WE CONTINUE I must call your attention to the fact that this is
      a very, very large and extended Cherokee family group.



      1>Chief Amatoya Moytoy + Quatsy of Tellico.
      2>Oo-yo-sti Otiyu "Polly" [Quali]
      +Chief Diwali, Duquillilu, Duwali, Bowl That Holds The Strong Black
      John Bowles, aka Colonel Bowles b 1756 North Carolina, died 1839 in
      The son of a Scottish-Irish trader [who MAY also have been named
      John Bowles] and an unidentified Cherokee mother.
      3>Chief Tahloneekee, Tahlonteeskee, Tahlontuskee, Tahlonteskee.
      3>Rebecca Bowles 1816-1846
      +Teesee Guess, son of Sequoyah.
      3>Samuel Bowles
      3>Eliza Bowles
      3>Nannie Bowles
      3>Sara Bowles
      3>John Bowles II [or III]Oolooteskee Oolooteka Ahuludegi Chief John
      3>Chief Kahyanteehee, The First To Kill, Onitostah, Onitositaii,
      Rayetaeh-Utisidsata, Old Tassel, George Tassel.
      +First: A Creek [Muskogee] woman of the Wind Clan.
      +Second: A Creek woman of the Long Hair Clan [unconfirmed].
      4>Eughioote Elizabeth Tassel
      +Ludovick Grant, born in Scotland. A Jacobite prisoner,
      transported to
      South Carolina on ship "Susannah" ex Liverpool, 7 May 1716.
      5>Mary Grant b ca 1726 in Great Tellico
      +William Emory
      6>Mary Emory b 1747
      +First: Richard Fawling
      +Second: Ezekiel Buffington
      6>Elizabeth Emory b 1749
      +First: Robert Due
      +Second:John Rogers Sr.
      7>Nannie Rogers
      , +Looney Price Jr., son of Looney Price Sr.
      7>Amy Rogers
      +George Hicks
      7>James Rogers
      +Nannie Coodey
      7>John Rogers Jr
      +Elizabeth Coodey, daughter of Joseph Coodey

      Jennie Ross
      6>Susannah Emory
      +First: Captain John Stuart born 1718, died 1779

      7>Oonodutu Osonodota Bushyhead
      +Second: Richard "Texas Dick" Fields d 1826
      +Third: John Martin Sr.
      4>Little Tassel: "takes" the name John Watts [John Watts No.3]
      +Wurtagua, daughter of Attakullakulla.
      5>Malachi Watts I
      5>Garrett Zachariah Watts
      +Annis Seplh a Cherokee
      6>Solomon Watts b 1780
      6>Clinton Watts b 1782
      6>John Watts No.4 b 1784
      6>Vincent Watts b 1784
      6>Annis Watts b 1788
      6>Martha Matilda Watts b 1805
      6>Malachi Watts II
      6>William Jefferson Watts b 1787
      +Cynthia Black, a Cherokee
      7>Robert Watts
      +Matilda Smith
      8>Ephriam W. Watts
      +Kaline "Katie" Lofton
      9>Josephine Watts
      +Webster Case
      10>Katie Cornelia Case
      +Henry Foster
      11>Helen Louise Foster
      +Royce Sidney May
      12>Barbara Louise
      "Patchez" May
      +First: James
      Wilmer Caves Jr., son of
      Caves and Agnes Prather
      David Caves
      Laine Mitchell

      14>Katie Liane Caves

      14>James Dean Caves

      14>Anna Beth Caves
      Leigh Caves
      Glen Oglesby

      14>Christopher Glen Oglesby

      14>Kristin Louise Oglesby
      +Second: Mack Wyland
      Shadd Wyland
      13>Heath Amber

      +Jennifer Rene' Wallace

      14>Nicholas Tyler Wallace, son of

      Jenniefe, adopted by Heath.

      14>Dakota Bryant Wyland

      born 3 June 1999




      1>Chief Amatoya Moytoy + Quatsy of Tellico
      2>Oo-yo-sti Otiyu "Polly" [Quali]
      +Chief Bowl.
      3>Tarchee The Long Warrior Of Tellico
      +Ailsey No.2 of the Paint Clan
      4>Gi-yo-sti Ko-yo-hei, Kay-io or Ki-o
      +John Y. Watts Sr. [John Watts No.1] Squire Watts b 1765
      5>Unakateehee Unegadihi White Man Killer, Chestoo-lee,
      Joseph John Watts 1774-1847
      +Elizabeth Gargile
      5>Mink Suteh Watts
      5>Andrew Fork-tail Watts
      5>Kunoseskie, Kunokeskie, Young Tassel, Chief John Y. Watts
      [John Watts No.2] 1770-1842
      +Mahala Long
      6>Pleasant Watts
      Mary Elvira Gillespie
      7>William Corydon Watts b 18 October 1822, Raybun

      7>Malinda Caroline Watts 16 March 1824 Raybun County,
      7>Floria Ann Suphronia Watts 13 March 1826 Raybun
      7>Columbus Fiddelia Craton Watts 4 November 1827
      Raybun Co.
      7>Juda Elizabeth Lyddie Watts 3 October 1829 Raybun
      7>Althea Rpsannah Watts 3 October 1829 [twin of Juda]
      7>Milton Plesant Watts 14 June 1832 to 10 September

      Rabun County, Georgia.
      +Lydia Jane McCall
      8>Mary Katrina Watts 18 February 1865 to 6 June

      Gordon County, Georgia
      8>Elizabeth A. "Betty" Watts 28 June 1870 Gordon
      Co., Ga.
      8>J. M. Judy Watts 10 August 1874 Gordon County,
      8>William Plesant Milton Watts 24 November 1868 to

      25 April 1931.
      +Ellie or Effie Louise Barnett on 18 November
      9>Louis Edgar Watts 21 July 1904 to 11
      January 1961
      [son of Effie, adopted by William]
      9>Bertha Cornelia Watts 15 June 1909
      9>Lillian Jane Watts 16 May 1811 to 3
      December 1977
      9>Sarah Rosalie Watts 13 August 1914 to 4

      9>Hoyt William Watts 31 March 1918 to 2
      March 1972
      9>Jessye Mae Madeline Watts 11 September 1921
      9>Hazel La\eila Elizabeth Watts 21 July 1925
      8>Martin Van Buren Watts 25 June 1834
      8>Cynthia Arzelia Watts 23 May 1836
      8>John Calhoon Watts 13 June 1839
      8>Wilson Wales Woodrom Watts 17 April 1841
      8>Henry Gillespie Watts 11 June 1843
      8>Sylvester Rockwell Watts 7 December 1846
      5>Jacob Watts
      2>A daughter, not yet known by name.
      3>Ah-nee-wah-kee, Ailsey No.2 of the Wolf Clan
      +Cornelius Daugherty b 1668 Ireland d 1776 Virginia
      4>Nancy Daugherty
      +Chief Savanooka
      4>Moses Daugherty b ca 1729 Virginia
      +Peggy Baldridge b ca 1785 d ca 1820
      5>James Daugerty Sr.

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~My Brown decendacy
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