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Chicago Tardis Masquerade Run Order and winners

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  • osierhenry@cs.com
    Hello! Thanksgiving weekend, I ran the TARDIS masquerade with great help from Kathy Wesselman, who has been helping the TARDIS Masq for years, William and
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2011
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             Thanksgiving weekend, I ran the TARDIS masquerade with great help from Kathy Wesselman, who has been helping the TARDIS Masq for years, William and Karen Dezoma, Sue Edmonds, Sue Finkle, Renata O'Connor-Rose, Jennifer Kelly, from the Chicago Guild, and Gail Middleton from the Madison Guild. Sue F., Renata, and Karen were the Time Lords Judges, Gail was the Mad Seer Time Lord from the End of Time episode, William was The Master ALA Roger Delgado. Special Guest Judge was Nicholas Briggs, the voice of the Daleks and Cybermen. I could not have done it without any of them!
             There were 39 entries this year. Last year, there were only about 27. As someone who has been one of the perennial judges, I have to say the entries are getting better every year.
             Here is the run order, with the winners noted. There are some numbers not on the list because they had to bow out before the masquerade because their friend was very ill. Pictures coming to the ICG Archives soon!
             Henry Osier

      1 The Doctor's Mother-In-Law / Dobbs (3), Kelli

      2 Empty Child / McGarry (KID) WINNER Best Vocal Recreation Young Fan

      3 The Quark / Davis WINNER Workmanship award for Old School Awesomeness

      4 Elegant Doctor and Jack / Rubenstein

      6 Weeping Angel / Stefanie Unverferth

      7 2nd Doctor / Reid WINNER Best in Class Young Fan

      8 Nyssa / Hudson

      9 A Time Lord / Middleton WINNER Welcome to the Time Lord Council (Novice)

      10 Day at the Beach / Bonnie WINNER Best Media and Scale Integration

      11 Doctor #11 Old West / Robert Wetendorf

      12 Emperor Churchill / Murphy WINNER Best Speech

      13 Doctor and Idris / Rubenstien

      14 Harpist / Bjorling WINNER Excellence in Musical Performance

      16 Steampunk Doctor 10, 11 and Rose / Brown, Schwan, Lindner 

      18 Tasteful Six / Ricks WINNER Best in Show Workmanship

      19 Idris and The Doctor / Jenkins, Roebel WINNER Best Duo Young Fan

      20 Sanctuary Base 6 10th Doctor / Coppa WINNER Best in Show

      21 Capt. Jack / Eberle

      22 You can call me Sexy / Kessler WINNER Best in Class Workmanship Master

      23 Shakespeare / Bragianos

      25 The Ronnie / Howard

      26 Second Doctor / Pavalon

      27 Capt. Jack and Capt. John Hart / Nighbor, Shzpiro

      28 Joe Smith AKA Bazooka Joe / Joe Flores WINNER Props for your Prop

      29 MSU UNIT / Miller, Collins, Schmid, Kalman WINNER Welcome to the Hobby

      30 Brigadier / Trayung

      31 Wester and the Westin / Peter Heimsoth 

      32 The Lady Doctor / Sanders

      33 Rose Tyler / Nordigian WINNER "Ginchiest" young fan

      34 Martha Jones / Mollinedo

      35 Fem Five/ Janda WINNER "Nice gams, baby"

      36 Doctor #6 / Dowell

      37 Mme. Kovarian / Lisa Dousharm WINNER "Hottest Villain"

      38 The 11th Doctor / Vance WINNER Best Novice Presentation

      39 Black Orchid / Soldner, Soldner, Monahan

      40 Romana / Mary Jo WINNER Think Pink award

      41 Mercy Hartigan / Heather Dawson WINNER Best in Class Journeyman

      42 Era Collide / Konjek, Hane, Hane, Robinson, Hane

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