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  • sue edmunds
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     I'm still wondering what the---- I just looked at - Oh My!!!!! 

    Are you looking for a new pair of shoes ? ?

    I'd like to see her standing up and walking in those. I know it would be entertaining.

    Every Scottish girl needs a pair of these

    whatever . .


    Great bridal shoe!  Hope the groom is eight foot tall.  I've got to get a pair of these and feel like Mrs. Maxwell Smart.

    There aren't enough words for this.  Who  wants to stand on a nail?

    Did they borrow this idea from Transformers or Hannibal


    Now, I must confess.  These might surprise us.  They look springy.  You could pogo your way to where you're going. Learning how to stop might take some experience once you get hopping.

    I hope this is a joke.  I've never fancied myself looking like one of those half-horse kind of people

    If the designer was going for the "big foot" look, they missed.  Do they come with flea spray?

    I hope the lights work on these.  You could see where you're walking in the dark.  That would be cool.

    One of the astronauts called..  He wants the rest of his suit back.

    Now, I must confess.  These are much prettier than the big fluffy duck, bear, chicken, etc house shoes.


    LOL LOL LOL or HA HA HA I hope those skinny knobby kneed legs are strong.

    Alright!  I wonder what kind of dress you'd wear with them.  Kinda stylish, really.

    Again.............no comment

    WHAT THE!!!! She didn't paint her toenails!

    Well......at least if you have stinky feet, you can blame it on the fish

    Now, this is one twisted cowpoke.  At least I assume cowpoke (hairy legs).  Better shut up.. don't want to get into trouble.

    Is this a convertible or what ????  A thong/tenny ????  To the beach or the gym ????  Or both ????

    What exactly are we looking at? For those who want to go barefoot but have ugly feet.

    Okay......now I'm worried.  Is this her feet....or does she really not have any toes inside of these amputated animal hooves.

    Nasty is all that comes to mind here.  Probably doesn't own a cat.  Or maybe they use these for training the cat.......mmmmm

    Looks like the exoskeleton of an alien.  Be hard crossing your legs.


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