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Re: This Saturday's meeting

Sue: I will not be attending the meeting on Saturday.  Betsy   From: "Sue Finkle sfinkle@... [ChicagolandCostumersGuild]"
Apr 17

Re: This Saturday's meeting

Yes - the meeting will be at my place assuming anyone wants to come. Sue E said she is coming. I think Patrick and Leah are. Anyone else? Sue F On 4/16/2015
Sue Finkle
Apr 17

Re: This Saturday's meeting

I will not be there. Concinnity, a one-day convention is going on and I am the Hall Costume Dude. Henry ... From: Renata OConnor-Rose oushva@...
Apr 16

This Saturday's meeting

The meeting this Saturday will be at Sue Finkle's, not Sue Edmond's or my place. See you all next month. -Renata O'Connor-Rose Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad
Renata OConnor-Rose
Apr 16

Evanston History Museum - costume event 4/16

A friend shared this with me and it sounded like it would be of interest to costuming folks. Also, in other news, there is a wedding dress exhibit going up at
Wendy Zdrodowski
Apr 8

April meeting

The April meeting on 4/18/15 will not be at the O'Connor-Rose household (I will be celebrating my 18th anniversary that weekend). It is tentatively scheduled
Renata OConnor-Rose
Mar 25

Re: Sat. Meeting

On 3/20/2015 11:08 AM, Renata OConnor-Rose oushva@... ... We're bringing cake. -- Sue Finkle
Sue Finkle
Mar 20

Sat. Meeting

Just a thought. Mom's birthday is Tuesday. Anyone want to bring cake to Saturday's meeting? -Renata O'Connor-Rose
Renata OConnor-Rose
Mar 20

Jan meeting

Ccg meeting Saturday Jan 17, 2-4pm, main floor, my place. -Renata O'Connor-Rose (ccg house mom) Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad
Renata OConnor-Rose
Jan 15

Re: December meeting canceled

Are we doing any kind of holiday party this year? Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S™III, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone Are we doing any kind of holiday party this
Michele Jaye Solomon
Dec 12, 2014

December meeting canceled

We are all usually pretty busy busy around the holidays & end up canceling the December meeting, so I'm doing it now so no one has to feel guilty for having
Renata OConnor-Rose
Dec 9, 2014

Girl Genius

If you haven't looked at Girl Genius recently take a look at Outstanding Craftsmanship! http://girlgeniusadventures.com/2012/12/18/outstanding-craftsmanship/
Dec 7, 2014

Hi-top Victorian-style footwear

Hello All-- My wife, Leah, reports she found hi-top 'period' looking shoes at the Shopko store in Dixon, IL Don't know if they are carried at any Shopkos by
Patrick J OConnor
Nov 28, 2014

Re: Mourning Attire Exhibit

Cool! Thanks, Gail! Henry ... From: 'S. G. Barber' seolfer_rosa@... [ChicagolandCostumersGuild] To: CCG
Nov 18, 2014

Mourning Attire Exhibit

Yahoo's main page delivered this interesting set of photos from an exhibit on Mourning attire. Check it out:
S. G. Barber
Nov 17, 2014
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