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Registration open for next week's meeting

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    As mentioned on a couple of occasions this month s meeting is on the 18th (3rd Wednesday instead of 2nd). You can find the registration link here:
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      As mentioned on a couple of occasions this month's meeting is on the 18th (3rd Wednesday instead of 2nd).

      You can find the registration link here: http://chicagoalt.net/event/may-2011-meeting-guerrilla-agile



      Guerrilla Agile

      How to Adopt Agile in a Company That is Hostile to Agile Methodologies

      How many times have you ever gone to a meeting discussing Agile Development, and heard many of the people in the audience talk about how they were "interested in Agile" and were "excited about it" but weren't actually doing Agile?

      That is often times because the company they are working for not only doesn't currently use Agile Methods, but is actually hostile to it's adoption. Should you as a budding Agile Practitioner just stand back and study Agile without ever actually doing it? Or is there some other way that you can introduce Agile into that hostile environment?

      Guerrilla Agile will give you a set of tools to use in that hostile company.

      Nick Schweitzer is a Milwaukee Area Software Consultant with more than 12 years of experience, and currently is a Surgeon at SpiderLogic (www.spiderlogic.com). He's worked with for several Milwaukee area consulting companies, with clients ranging from medium size firms, to Fortune 500 companies. He sometimes blogs at The Coding Monkey and is active on Twitter.

      Please register with your real first and last names because you'll need to identify yourself at the Sears Tower (Willis Tower) front desk. The front desk will have the list of attendees. If you can't register in time, show up anyway and call or text Sergio (224-627-8352) early or when you get to the front desk and we will let you in (do not send email asking to be registered, we may not be able to check the email in time)We meet on the 7th floor, room 750. Ignore the front desk if they tell you otherwise.

      Sergio Pereira
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