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Group dissolution Friends, I've been discussing this with some of the members that I have more contact with and the decision has been made to dissolve the group and cease our
Chicago ALT.NET
Jan 9
Re: Wednesday party. It's on. And here's the link: http://chicagoalt.net/event/december-2013-meeting-year-end-meetup The invites are being throttled by eventbrite at 250 per day :/
Chicago ALT.NET
Dec 16, 2013
Wednesday party. It's on. Hey, folks. Sorry for not sending the invites/reminders yet. We're pretty much confirmed for this Wednesday at Rock Bottom. I'm still going to call them to
Chicago ALT.NET
Dec 16, 2013
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Event: GOTO Night Octoer I know this is kind of last minute but I thought I'd forward this message. You may find it interesting. *Please join us *October 3, 2013:*for a GOTO Night with
Chicago ALT.NET
Oct 1, 2013
Re: Show and Tell - Open Projector Night Registration open: http://chicagoalt.net/event/october-2013-meeting-open-projector-night Let us know if you want to add your name. It would be nice to get at
Sergio Pereira
Sep 23, 2013
Agile Day Chicago Passing this along. From a former alt.net member. Seems like a nice event. https://sites.google.com/site/agiledaychicago/ Agile Day Chicago - October 11, 2013
Chicago ALT.NET
Sep 11, 2013
Re: Show and Tell - Open Projector Night I bet you all would have a lot of fun with Rosalind. We started with it two days ago at NashFP (https://github.com/NashFP/rosalind), and folks are already
Bryan Hunter
Sep 10, 2013
Re: Show and Tell - Open Projector Night OK, no meeting tomorrow #sadtrombone Let's plan for this Show and Tell on October 9th. Reply to this thread with what you are thinking about showing. So far we
Sergio Pereira
Sep 10, 2013
Re: Show and Tell - Open Projector Night I think I can fit an overview of both into a 20 minute demo. We've been using Docker, too, but I'm not really familiar enough with it yet to guide anybody
Karl Grzeszczak
Sep 4, 2013
Re: Show and Tell - Open Projector Night If you can fit either in 20 min, at least I would have interest. Anybody using Docker yet? https://www.docker.io/ I think it could make a very nice topic.
Sergio Pereira
Sep 4, 2013
Re: Show and Tell - Open Projector Night For the October meeting I'd volunteer to give a short talk about salt ( docs.saltstack.org) and/or running mono, flask, and rails apps on nginx with uWSGI if
Karl Grzeszczak
Sep 4, 2013
Show and Tell - Open Projector Night We don't have a presenter scheduled for either of our next two meetings. I had thrown this idea around before so what would you think of an informal series of
Chicago ALT.NET
Sep 3, 2013
Fwd: LambdaJam is bringing in a big F# in town Passing this along as some of you could find it useful. -sergio ... From: "Mathias Brandewinder" Date: Jul 8, 2013 5:06 PM
Chicago ALT.NET
Jul 8, 2013
Windows 8 Hackathon June 8th .NET Developers, I wanted to pass along an upcoming Microsoft event that I will be hosting next month and probably will appeal to most of you. Chicago .NET
Andy Abbott
May 24, 2013
Birds of a feather meetup Hey software developers! The Chicago Dev Happy Hour is hosting a meetup on 5/29, 6pm, over at Design Cloud. Unlike most of our other happy hours, this one is
JP Bader
May 6, 2013
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GOTO Conference free workshop I've also gotten word of a free workshop that you may want to attend next week during the GOTO conference. Dave Bost & Adam Hoffman & Greg Levenhagen & Clark
Apr 17, 2013
GOTO Conference discount Just passing this along. The folks at GOTO decided to give a special discount for .Net UGs. If you were on the fence about attending the conference, this might
Chicago ALT.NET
Apr 8, 2013
Registration open for March 2013 meeting http://chicagoalt.net/event/march-2013-meeting-get-real-time-with-signalr-and-asp-net Get Real-time with SignalR and ASP.NET Still trying to keep a persistent
Chicago ALT.NET
Mar 6, 2013
HTML5 Web Workers - ready for registration http://chicagoalt.net/event/january-2013-meeting-html5-web-workers HTML5 Web Workers Web Workers are described in
Chicago ALT.NET
Jan 2, 2013
Registration open for November's meeting Next meeting 11/14. Registration open. http://chicagoalt.net/event/november-2012-meeting-gui-architecture--using-design-patterns-in-your-client-js GUI
Sergio Pereira
Nov 5, 2012
[event] MongoDB Chicago on November 13 Hi all, I thought that some of you would be interested in attending MongoDB Chicago on November 13 http://www.10gen.com/events/mongodb-chicago MongoDB Chicago
Oct 29, 2012
Reactive Extensions (Rx) Workshop I'm passing along this excellent opportunity to attend a workshop led by Erik Meijer and Brian Beckman, from Microsoft. It's one full day and only a few seats
Chicago ALT.NET
Oct 25, 2012
October meeting - WiX Next meeting, Oct 10th, ready for registration: http://chicagoalt.net/event/october-2012-meeting-introduction-to-the-windows-installer-xml-toolset Introduction
Chicago ALT.NET
Sep 28, 2012
Event: One Day One Track - 9/29 Passing this along. Free event on Saturday 9/29. More information and registration here: *http://oneday.thatconference.com/*
Chicago ALT.NET
Sep 20, 2012
Registration open for "Cryptography (and Security) For Coders" You know the drill: http://chicagoalt.net/event/september-2012-meeting-cryptography-and-security-for-coders Cryptography (and Security) For Coders 6:00 pm
Chicago ALT.NET
Sep 3, 2012
September 12th topic - Cryptography Hi all. Just a heads up that after a little scheduling snafu, we have finally confirmed a speaker for our next meeting. The meeting page and registration will
Chicago ALT.NET
Aug 31, 2012
Slides/Examples From Boo Talk My slides and examples are available online if anyone's interested: github.com/scottstephens/boo_talk
Aug 11, 2012
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August 2012 meeting - topics and registration We now have a tentative list of talks to be shown in our next meeting. Joint Meeting With ChiPy 7:00 pm This month we will get together with the Chicago Python
Chicago ALT.NET
Aug 3, 2012
Re: Meeting with ChiPy - volunteers? I'll take up on your offer for a Mono talk, thanks lot. If anyone asks about MonoTouch or Mono for Android I'm sure we will have other people present that can
Sergio Pereira
Jul 31, 2012
Re: Meeting with ChiPy - volunteers? I'd be glad to present on Mono (desktop version; I know next to nothing about MonoTouch/MonoDroid). If there are no takers for IronPython, I could roll both
Fawad Halim
Jul 30, 2012
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