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LFG for Sept 12th show/barbershop inquiries

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  • Bruce R
    Greetings, I direct the Spirit of IL Barbershop Chorus in Kankakee, IL. We are looking for a non-barbershop acapella group to sing in our 4th Annual show next
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2008

      I direct the Spirit of IL Barbershop Chorus in Kankakee, IL.

      We are looking for a non-barbershop acapella group to sing in our
      4th Annual show next fall - 2nd weekend in September.

      If you think you have Saturday, Sep 12th open on your schedule and
      would like to be considered to be on our show, please send me via
      email a group picture, an estimate of your costs and a video or
      sound sampling of your work for our evaluation process. If have any
      gigs coming up open to the public that we can attend to hear you up
      close and personal, send that info as well.

      While the show would primarily be barbershop in nature, we are eager
      to include other acapella genres on our show to increase attendance
      and reach a wider audience in the area.

      Also, if any of you guys out that have dabbled in barbershop over
      the years and would be interested in getting into a new quartet, I
      am currently prowling for some new quartet mates. I sing lead or
      bari, so I'm looking for a tenor (high voice, falsetti a good plus),
      a good resonant and flexible bass, and someone in the middle to do
      either the lead or bari, or possible even share those duties. The
      ranges are similar enough. Previous barbershop experience, not
      necessary, but good acapella chops and a good ear would come in
      handy. Look to be located in the upper NE area of IL or NW Indiana
      for convenience of practicing.

      The Barbershop Harmony Society has a vast collection of learning
      CD's for most of their catalog, and I can also do some learning trax
      creation - or at least hope to get better at it as a result. (Zoom
      H4). The BHS is the new name for the SPEBSQSA. We have two
      contests a year in Illinois for quartets and choruses, and the top
      quartets from throughout the country can qualify to compete at the
      international convention held every July in cities throughout North
      America. Go to Itunes and check out some of the most recent
      winners - all outstanding vocal groups. That should give you an
      idea of what is possible. (Realtime, Vocal Spectrum, Max Q and OC
      Times the most recent.)

      Anyone interested in trying some arranging should contact me as
      well, or go to www.barbershop.org to check out the typical
      specification unique to arranging for barbershop. There are some
      constraints when arranging for barbershop depending on the end us
      desired - contest or show etc. Works for contest have much more
      strict guidlines as related to barbershop harmony and textures and
      who has to predominatly sing the melody. Through the site you can
      also learn how to contact other arrangers or get materials to help
      you along in the process.

      There - was that enough for 3 emails?

      Bruce Richardson
      Director - Spirit of Illinois Chorus, Kankakee Chapter of BHS.
      cell 815-922-3000 - leave a message about our show if needed,
      otherwise just use the email
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