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Final Broadcast Tonight 6:00 PM Eastern time. (long but please read)

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    Hi Gang, First of all, I would like to extend the thanks of all of the staff at THN...The Harmony Network for those who made the Silent Auction a success.?
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2007
      Hi Gang,

      First of all, I would like to extend the thanks of all of the staff at THN...The Harmony Network for those who made the Silent Auction a success.  Because of the winning bidders, THN...The Harmony Network will be able to gracefully withdraw as an "active" corporation with NO debt and no issues hanging over to 2008.  Again, THNAK YOU to the successful bidders.

      So, THN...The Harmony Network comes to a close with the final broadcast tonight.  Please be with us as we have a "Family Reunion" of almost all of the show hosts in the studio from 6-11:00PM Eastern Time.  We will have the ability to take your phone calls on the air (fingers crossed) and we will have some other surprises....LOTS OF MEMORIES!

      Hope you can join us at www.villageradio.com tonight.  You can call us at 1-877-846-7664 and you can join the chat room at www.starchat.net  then search out the "bbshop" chat room

      THN...The Harmony Network has been the labor of love for over a dozen of your compatriots in the Vocal Harmony World.  The last almost 4 years have brought shows to the airwaves featuring Barbershop, Acappella and Doo Wop, A combination of both styles, and even a show that featured the original artists and then compared the treatment of the song with an acappella group.  I would like to acknowledge the following people who have put their sweat equity into the founding and continuing broadcast of The "APPLAUSE" Show and THN...The Harmony Network since our debut on radio April 11, 1997 fron the studios of WDVR AM/FM till our final broadcast:  We hope you will look at this list and think about how many hours have been spent to bring you quality broadcasts.

      The APPLAUSE Show Folks
           Dave Thompson - Original Co-host and Engineer. A barbershopper from Hunterdon County NJ
           Dave Stadtmauer - Co Host and Engineer for 3 years - barbershopper at Hunterdon Cty NJ
           Rich Pearson - CASA Ambassador - Member of the "cast" for 3 1/2 years
           T. J. Barranger - Engineer and member of the "cast" for 3 years
           Vinnie Haynes - Co-Host and Engineer for 3 years
           Gary Rush - Co-Host and Engineer since 2004.  This talented Rock Musician (Bass Guitar)
                found the THN on the internet at a time when we were looking for more staff memebrs.
                He joined the APPLAUSE Show when Vinnie went to Sunday Night to do his own show.
           WDVR and the owners Ginny and Frank Napurano - These wonderful people in a little
                town called Sergeantsville in Hunterdon County gave The APPLAUSE Show a "shot"
                in 1997 when they hear me do a voice-over for The Hunterdon Harmonizers demo.
                They gave us all of the encouragement and support we needed to grow the show

      THN...The Harmony Network
           GRADY KERR- Dallas Texas - CO-Founder of THN...The Harmony Network.  Grady's work
                in the beginning was instrunental in bringing a quality Network to the airwaves.  He
                produced all of the spot announcements for the shows, arranging for the talent of
                Mike Keedy to be the "Voice of THN".  Grady also presented a copy of an historic
                "book" of CD's featuring the past champions of the Southwestern District of BHS.
                Grady developed the Format for the shows and provided guidance and support to
                all of the THN family in our first year to insure that what we gave to you was good.
           Mike Keety- The Florida barbershoppper gave us his "voice" for all of the Station ID's
                and spot announcements.  His rich voice and wonderful range of emotions made the
                station ID's fun and interesting.
           Jim Clancy and Metropolis- Jim and the Metropolis Quartet took the time to make
                special Staion Drops and drops for The APPLAUSE Show. Nothing like having these guys
                talking and then either a VM or Metropolis song playing right after the drop.
           George Louvis and Regional Broadcasting Services - George Louvis was the entrepeneur
                who listened to me in 2001 when I was looking to move the

           Marty Israel - Host of Tuesday Night Swipes. Marty's knowledge as a BHS Judge gave his
                listeners an insight that no other host could give.  He brought us his weekly "Mystery"
                selection for folks to win a CD, and he always has a "featured artist or cut" giving the
                history and the background of the selection.
           Garry and Linda Cascio - Host of the very successful East Coast Acappella Review. Garry
                and Linda, members of the Doo Wop and Street Harmony scene for more than 25 years,
                brought a new appreciation for their listeners of the history and legacies of the artists
                who performed in the world of Doo Wop and Street Harmony.  Their historic visit from
                the legendary Persuasions was just one of the highlights of their 2 1/2 year program.
           Joaner (Jeannie) Garrett - Host of the Monday Nights with Jaoner Show.  Joaner hosted a
                show that featured an ecclectic mix of both barbershop and acappella music.  She had
                guest hosts in the studio many nights and always had her "mystery three cuts" to offer
                her listeners a chance to win CD's.
           Ari Brafman - Host of The Best of Both Worlds.  The "New Kid on the Block", Ari brought
                his listeners an incredible show that played songs by famous people (not accappella)
                and then he played his "researched" acappella
           Vinnie Haynes - Host of The Sunday Night Showcase. This Big Apple Chorus barbershopper
                brought an incredible enthusiasm to the airwaves.  He always had "Vinnie's Private
                Stock" as a regular feature of the broadcast.
           Rich Taylor - Host of The "APPLAUSE" Show, one of the longest running radio shows that
                featured barbershop and accappella music. Since 1997, The "APPLAUSE" Show has
                brought a mix of barbershop and accappella to the airwaves.  More than 30 groups have
                appeared live in the studio and there were 5 tribute shows along the way.


      Thanks for reading,

      Rich Taylor, Proud President of THN...The Harmony Network

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